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Chandler Limited TG2 Abbey Road SE Stereo Pre w/ PSU-1 Used  From Chandler

The Stereo Preamp from Abbey Road, add a set of Coles microphones and you won't be dissapointed!


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Chandler Limited

What We Think

You’ve most likely heard the Chandler TG2 preamp more times than you’ve realized, having been used on iconic and classic records from the likes of the Beatles, Pink Floyd, and many more. We like to think of its sound as a blend of classic warmth and roundness with a slightly more present upper range than what you’d find on a typical Neve preamp. The additional presence is one of the key reasons you can find it used for modern-leaning recordings (additional cut to emerge from a dense mix but still plenty of round, thick tone) and also why it pairs so wonderfully with darker ribbons, most specifically the Coles 4038 for that timeless smooth and rich sound. Our favorite applications are on overheads (w/ Coles), guitars, vocals, and even piano when a more robust, musical sound is desired over hyper-detailed cleanliness. Set up a Try-Before-You-Buy demo period and hear for yourself what makes the EMI/Abbey Road sound so magical!

Manufacturer's Description from Chandler

The Chandler Limited TG2 is a recreation of the rare EMI TG12428 pre amp used in EMI/Abbey Road recording and mastering consoles used in the late 60's and early 70's. The sound was used on many famous recordings done at Abbey Road including The Beatles "Abbey Road" and Pink Floyd "Dark Side of the Moon." The amplifiers were also used in many EMI circuits of the time. Our version was remade from original design notes and circuit board drawings, provided by Abbey Road and EMI to ensure extreme authenticty!

This pre features the same discrete transformer balanced amplifiers as the TG series limiter and offers a creamy, smooth tone with a surprisingly open, clear top end (dare we say nicer than Neve....) The sound, as explained by many users, has the Neve "warmth" and punch, but with a "nicer" expanded top end. In fact the unit does have a small rise in its top end frequency response and some warmth inducing distortion which contribute to its sound.

Options: Stepped Output (Stereo)

*Please note: Not all of the early Abbey Road TG-2 units have the "impedence" as a standard feature of the unit. If buying a used unit, please inquire as to whether the unit is equipped with the impedence before purchasing.

Chandler Limited

About Manufacturer

Re-creating some of the most sought after gear of the 60's and 70's, Chandler Limited has built some of the best gear in the land. Look to them for the "classic rock" and Metal sound used by some of yesterday's as well as today's best acts. Watch closely, because they continue to bring new products to market based on the legendary sounds of the past, and some that have a twist (or upgrade) of their very own. Chandler designs and releases some seriously well-built gear for the most discriminating (and famous), musicians, producers, and engineers.


Impedance switching -
Impedance switching is now standard on all TG2 models. The Impedance switching option allows for input impedance of each channel to be switched between the 300 and 1200 ohm values. This feature is now included and replaces the blank push button on the front panel.

Summing Option -
Summing is now standard on all TG2 units. This modification allows summing of the two pre amp channels. The signal is mixed from both pre amps and is sent to the output of the second channal. You can now bypass your console using great sounding discreet circuits and maintain a minimal signal path.

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