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About Us

About Us:

     Sound Pure is a place to demo and purchase the finest Professional Recording Equipment available, a place to purchase the Finest Hand-Built Guitars and Amps currently being built, and a serious, top-notch Recording Studio. Sound Pure provides the best advice and service for your individual equipment needs, and provides assistance improving the performance of the gear that you already own. The Studio, Guitar Boutique, and Pro Audio Division are all, always, on a pursuit of the most extraordinary, cutting-edge ways to advance their selections, knowledge, and abilities. Sound Pure's daily routine includes demo'ing as much new and exciting equipment as possible, to determine if it's something Sound Pure should offer to its customers around the world. Sound Pure pursues and studies with its clients the best modern studio practices and equipment from around the globe, coupled with a particular emphasis and appreciation for the way that guitars of all kinds integrate into the recording process.

     Sound Pure's mission includes chronicling a huge variety of recordings and sound clips utilizing the boutique guitar and amp collection, and the incredible recording studio equipment collection which is changing weekly to keep up with the latest trends (for a fairly up to date list try www.soundpurestudios.com "gear list"). Every piece of equipment down to the furniture, are pieces of gear which Sound Pure represents, stocks on the premises, and makes available for sale (online at www.soundpure.com, over the telephone toll free at 888-528-9703), or locally at the Sound Pure Facility located in downtown Durham, NC. By appointment, Sound Pure's entire facility is available to its customers, whether their interest lies in demo'ing a high-end microphone or preamp, listening to a world-class acoustic guitar from the Sound Pure Guitar Boutique in a world-class acoustic environment, or simply meeting with a top-notch recording engineer to discuss their entire recording studio from concept to completion.

     The Sound Pure team also creates video content which it publishes online at its own site www.soundpure.com, to online media sites such as YouTube) and on physical media such as DVD release. Sound Pure creates most of its video content in partnerships with its manufacturers, to help educate the world about great new gear that they represent, and assist their manufacturers in marketing this equipment throughout the world. Sound Pure hosts numerous gatherings, open-house nights, manufacturer seminars, and live music events (from local artists to Grammy recognized stars) at their impressive new facility.

     Rather than operate the three separate businesses (the guitar sales boutique, the pro audio/recording sales group, and the recording studios) as three independent arms, they have taken a unique, holistic approach. Sound Pure's new facility incorporates the three typically separate businesses in a unique way - a way that is already influencing the music industry and benefiting its clients across the globe. There is nowhere other than the Sound Pure Facility, where there is a recording studio available to try out a rare modern acoustic guitar you are considering purchasing, which can be recorded through a custom recording path in a professional studio environment - the entire recording chain, including the guitar and all recording equipment which is made available for demo and sale to prospective clients. Additionally, Sound Pure studio clients benefit by being able to play through rare modern amps in studio sessions, and take home their dream amp or preferred vocal microphone after the session is over.

     The studio is not only available for tracking, but also for educating clients to achieve the best work in their own home studios, project studios, or own world-class facilities, and selling them all of the best equipment that they need to do so. Sound Pure built the facility utilizing studio components exclusively from suppliers that they represent, and the studio gear is an ever-improving, and ever-evolving set of the finest tools available. The Sound Pure team built, wired, and upfit the entire studio infrastructure themselves, utilizing what they feel are modern-day best-practices. Sound Pure will readily share each and every aspect of the infrastructure that they built with any client who is considering building their own project, home, or professional studio.

More About Us:

     The Sales and Consulting business is constantly improving their own recording capabilities and knowledge, while using the absolute latest, cutting-edge equipment in the Sound Pure Recording Studios, so that they can continue to lead their customers into the best modern direction. Whether you are serious about your music and looking for the best place to record and mix your next album, or are looking to acquire the best recording or guitar equipment for your own artistic needs, there is no better team to call on if you are not local, and no better place to visit if you can take the trip to meet its staff and see Sound Pure in person.

     The Sound Pure Recording Studios are a rotating platform of the latest and best trends in modern recording techniques. The microphone locker is vast, as is their collection of the latest outboard microphone preamps, EQ's, compressors, and other processors. As a sales business, there is not a plug-in that they don't have, or can't get. There is no better place that can tailor an optimal signal path for your recordings, or help you select the best equipment for your own personal purchases, whether it be guitar gear or recording devices.

     Sound Pure's multi-room Recording Studios feature a nearly 1,000 square foot live room sufficient to handle orchestral-sized productions, coupled with a large A-Control Room available for large recording seminars and clinics. The large live room features an immaculate new 7-foot Steinway Grand Piano. Both Control Rooms have Pro Tools HD-3 rigs, with an elaborate outboard collection, centered around a Digidesign D-command (Studio A), or Toft 32-Channel Analog console (Studio B). All studio room acoustics carefully combine beautiful weathered and exposed masonry-brick from the building's original early 1900's shell, coupled with carefully placed rough-sawn lumber, and a fabric (faux) ceiling. The rooms feature slat-wall absorption, with diffusive properties, that redirect sound up to the elaborate ceiling bass trapping system (with 36 inches of vertical acoustic insulation/treatment above the faux finished ceiling) creating an acoustically neutral, but very musically appealing sound.

     The facility includes lounges, offices, warehouses, 2 kitchens- most rooms are also wired with built-in microphone wall boxes. Even the all-masonry, untreated studio lobby featuring 750 square feet of an outrageously live "wet" sound, and the entryway with near 30ft ceilings are both wired with microphone inputs.

     Sound Pure was founded, and is still operated by a small group of professionals who have dedicated their lives to the art of making extraordinary musical recordings, as engineers, producers, musicians, and composers. They share your love and passion for pursuing the finest instruments and amplifiers, and for creating the best recorded and live music possible. Call Sound Pure today toll free 888-528-9703, to discuss any of your needs, and please let them know if there is anything that they could be doing better or differently to better meet your needs. .

     Please check directly with Sound Pure about the upcoming calendar of events, and let us know what you'd like to see or have hosted. Also, Sound Pure welcomes visitors from around the world. Their facility sits at 808 Washington St. in downtown Durham, NC, on the same block as the Durham Athletic Ball Park, made famous from the film Kevin Costner film Bull Durham.

Sound Pure Facility
808 Washington St.
Durham, NC 27701

www.soundpure.com (Pro Audio and Guitar Sales)
www.soundpurestudios.com (Recording Studios)
www.youtube.com/soundpurestudios (Video Content)

Email address: sales@soundpure.com

Phone no: 888-528-9703(toll free)

Phone no: 919-682-5552(local/int +1)