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LaChapell Audio 583e 500 Series Tube Pre with EQ  From LaChapell

500 Series Tube Microphone Preamplifier AND a Clean 3 Band EQ perfect for tracking everything from Vocals to Guitars and DI'd instruments

LaChapell Audio

Manufacturer's Description from LaChapell

The Model 583E features the same amplifier stage found on the 583S including the Jensen JT-115k input transformer coupled with an ultra-clean transformer-less three-band EQ section with fully sweeping frequency controls and cut/boost settings of +/- 8dB. The EQ can run as an integrated EQ serving the preamplifier or separate as its own autonomous module where both units run independently.

LaChapell Audio

About Manufacturer

With the 992 you have the option of choosing between two unique input topology configurations. Standard 992: Featuring a transformer-less balanced differential input utilizing two USA made 6072A's per channel along with twin matched 400v caps. This configuration provides >50dB of gain (usually about 52db) with a typical non-weighted EIN of -114 to -116dB. Extended Gain 992: By replacing the input caps with the Jensen JT-115k transformer and exchanging the 6072's for the timeless 12AX7/ECC83 this variant is able to provide a generous >74dB of raw internal gain with a typical EIN of -124 to -126dB referencing 150ohm. The direct instrument input (Hi-Z) on both variants utilizes a high performance Jensen direct transformer which feeds the balanced differential amplifier input. In operation, the user has individual control over the input and output gain stages of each channel. This provides uncommon flexibility to delve into the 992?fs broad sonic pallet making it one of the most versatile preamplifiers in any environment. Push the inputs hard and capture that elusive air that can only come from fully balanced tube gain. Or, pull the inputs back and favor the output stage for a cleaner, more linear signal - the choice is yours. Output signal strength is easily monitored through an isolated Sifam back-lit VU meter. There are also five illuminated toggle switches per channel for Meter On/Off, 48v (Phantom), -20db input pad, phase reverse and Mute.



Gain: 0 to 70dB
Instrument: 0 to 51dB
THD+N: 0.25% (50dB gain)
Tube: (1) 12AX7/ECC83
Frequency Response: 12hz to 70khz (-3dB)
Max Output: >26dBu (1% THD+N)
Typical EIN: -120dB (22hz to 20khz~Rg=150ohm)
Input Impedance: 1.5kohm; Instrument: 40kohm
Output Impedance: 50ohm

EQ Section:

3 Band EQ with fully sweeping frequency control; fixed 'Q' value of 1 with very low phase deviation
Input/Output Type: Transformer-less; Ultra clean with minimal harmonic signature
Input: 40k
Output: 50ohm
    Low 30hz - 400hz
    Mid: 325hz - 5khz
    High: 2.5khz - 20khz
Cut/Boost: +/- 8dB
Max Input: +24dBu
Max Output: +26dBu
Self Noise: -93dB
THD+N: 0.012% (with +8dBu input signal)

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