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LaChapell Audio 583s MKII 500-Series Tube Preamplifier  From LaChapell

A rich, world-class tube preamp condensed down to a single slot 500 series format! 

LaChapell Audio

Available for Special Order

See something you like? This item is gone, but not forever. It can be special ordered, and even customized!

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Because of our special relationship with LaChapell we can get this as fast, or faster than anyone in the industry. In some cases, we even have preferred build slots we can offer you.

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What We Think

Oh my gosh, Scott at LaChapell releases a SINGLE SLOT 500 series compatible Vacuum Tube Preamp. Sign me up!


We at Sound Pure have always thought LaChapell audio is doing some great things when it comes to tube gear so naturally we have been very impressed with our first 583s (with Cinemag transformer and Telefunken NOS tube). When we had a chance to do a direct compare with our 992 EG Premium tube model (loaded with Tele's), we were blown away by how close the 992 and the 583 were!

Great Price

At less than 1/3 the price of the 992 EG Premium you can get a single channel LaChapell preamp with the API Lunchbox. There has not been a single channel variant of the 992 yet, but this comes pretty close. The differences were smaller than we would have imagined as most of the features of the bigger 992 have been included in the 500 series card, including the 20dB pad, the independent input and output gain control, as well as all of the versatility of the 992!

Get Yours Now!

Scott LaChapell has really brought an innovative product to the rapidly growing family of 500 series modules, and if you have been holding off on that tube preamp, now is the time to grab one!

Manufacturer's Description from LaChapell

The world’s first vacuum tube mic preamp in a 500 series module! It is still the only 500 series module to properly power the tube with 250V of TrueTube™ technology. We do not starve the tube of voltages in any way unlike most 500 series tube designs. You can even max out a rack with 583 units with no power or heat issues.


Every component on the LaChapell 583S MK2 was carefully selected for sonic perfection from the Cinemag input transformer to the Jensen output transformer.


With dual drive knobs to separately drive the input and output, the 583S provides total flexibility to explore a broad sonic palette enhancing its versatility for all of your recordings. Leaning on the input stage, the 583S MK2 delivers vintage style tube warmth. The more you drive the input, the more harmonics are introduced. Backing off on the input but increasing the output results in gorgeous clean tones with some weight provided by the Cinemag and Jensens transformers.


An essential 500 series module for the modern professional and project recording studio!



The 583s was the first ever tube mic preamp for the 500 series. It is extremely versatile, allowing a wide range of sonic options from clean to harmonically rich. It’s great for use on almost any source with almost any mic.



TrueTube™ technology supplies both the plate and filament of the tube with the proper voltages they need to access the full characteristics of the tube. Other 500 series modules cannot supply the needed 250V and don’t have the headroom or harmonics that characterize that classic tube sound.



A front panel Hi-Z input allows the 583S to be used as an instrument preamplifier. When a 1/4″ jack is inserted into the Hi-Z input, the 583S switches into instrument mode, bypassing the input transformer so the instrument accesses the tube directly.



Dual Drive knobs on the 583S provide an incredible array of tonal options. The input knob drives the input to the vacuum tube and the second knob drives the output stage. Together, you can dial in sounds from pristine to warm and harmonically rich.



Certified by the VPR alliance giving you the assurance that it operates within specifications. Even though we properly power the tube with 250V, the 583S draws no more power than other modules (and less than many). You can fill a properly powered frame with 583S mic preamp modules with no problems whatsoever.



With a Cinemag input transformer and Jensen output transformer, the 583S mic preamp maintains a boutique quality signal chain from I to O. Every aspect of the 583S has been designed for sonic quality that will last for generations.


LaChapell Audio

About Manufacturer

With the 992 you have the option of choosing between two unique input topology configurations. Standard 992: Featuring a transformer-less balanced differential input utilizing two USA made 6072A's per channel along with twin matched 400v caps. This configuration provides >50dB of gain (usually about 52db) with a typical non-weighted EIN of -114 to -116dB. Extended Gain 992: By replacing the input caps with the Jensen JT-115k transformer and exchanging the 6072's for the timeless 12AX7/ECC83 this variant is able to provide a generous >74dB of raw internal gain with a typical EIN of -124 to -126dB referencing 150ohm. The direct instrument input (Hi-Z) on both variants utilizes a high performance Jensen direct transformer which feeds the balanced differential amplifier input. In operation, the user has individual control over the input and output gain stages of each channel. This provides uncommon flexibility to delve into the 992?fs broad sonic pallet making it one of the most versatile preamplifiers in any environment. Push the inputs hard and capture that elusive air that can only come from fully balanced tube gain. Or, pull the inputs back and favor the output stage for a cleaner, more linear signal - the choice is yours. Output signal strength is easily monitored through an isolated Sifam back-lit VU meter. There are also five illuminated toggle switches per channel for Meter On/Off, 48v (Phantom), -20db input pad, phase reverse and Mute.


Internal Gain: 0 to >72dB
THD+N: 0.10% (minimum)
Frequency Response: 10Hz to 50KHz
Max Output (1% THD+N): +26dBu
Typical EIN: -121dBu
Input Impedance: 1.5KΩ
Tube Compliment: 1 x 12AX7/ECC83
Stated specifications are typical measurements but subject to change without notice. All measurements taken while driving a 40kohm load with a 1khz source.

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