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Josephson C716 Large Diaphragm Condensor Microphone  From Josephson

The 716 captures sources with impeccable realism and naturality, while adding just a touch of musicality. A truly world-class solid state microphone for the most demanding engineers. 

Josephson Engineering


Retail:  $5,770.00

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Josephson C716 Dual Diaphragm Cardioid Condenser Microphone Interview at AES 2011

The C716 Studio Microphone from Josephson Engineering is one of the newest additions to the Josephson mic line up. It features a dual diaphragm capsule that is ideal for vocal pickups and instruments. It has a natural and warm response with little acoustic coloration. This microphone is versatile in many different environments and features Josephson's new patented hard metal foam structure which eliminates internal reflections and distortions common in most mics. To learn more about this technology, or the specifics on the C 716 from Josephson, call our expert recording staff here at SoundPure and we would love to help! 919.682.5552. or 888.528.9703.

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    • Josephson C716 Large Diaphragm Condensor Microphone

Manufacturer's Description from Josephson

Series Seven microphones provide unprecedented flexibility in studio pickups with a variety of directional patterns. The C716 dual- diaphragm capsule is optimized for cardioid, and is ideal for vocal pickups and instrumentals where a warm, natural sound is needed with minimum acoustic coloration. Off-axis response is particularly smooth, yielding excellent results in a variety of acoustic environments.


The C716 features a cardioid version of the large dual-diaphragm capsule used in Josephson’s C700 series, with a 5 micron evaporated gold diaphragm. The head grille uses Josephson’s patent-pending hard metal foam structure welded to the housing tube, instead of wire mesh or perforated metal. No other structure is needed, so internal reflections are randomized for clean, detailed sound pickup. The entire housing, circuit board, capsule and all its internal parts are made by Josephson in the USA. The microphone features a hard matte black chrome finish for durability in studio use.


The internal circuitry uses a class-A FET front end with active balanced transformerless output using discrete large-geometry devices like those in the Josephson C700 and C617. The internal high voltage linear supply generates capsule polarization voltage without using any digital devices or oscillators, for very low noise.


The capsule assembly in the C716 is internally shock mounted so that the mic may be attached directly to a stand through its rugged yoke mount, without using any external accessories.

Josephson Engineering

About Manufacturer

Josephson Engineering makes a wide range of fine condenser microphones for studio, stage and field sound pickup, and audio instrumentation. The company began in San Jose, California in 1988 and moved to Santa Cruz in 2000. This is our 20th year of producing microphones. In the process of developing our own mics, we've come up with special technologies that let us realize designs that weren't possible in classic mics of years past. This means that the expert user has a wider range of sound choices, without many of the compromises of older designs. Besides our own production, we also supply microphone capsules to several other mic manufacturers that become the mics for their most demanding customers. All of our business is individual -- we use select local dealers who bring our product directly to critical users around the world. We have a standard product line that covers many applications, but if there's a microphone you need that we don't make, we'll either tell you about the best one we know of for that job, or make it for you ourselves. We won't tell you that one of our mics is good for everything -- there's no such thing. Josephson also provides electro-acoustical engineering, design and manufacturing services for challenging requirements in many industries, specializing in microphone transducers and supporting systems. Our OEM capabilities have allowed several companies to excel in their own markets, using capsules made by Josephson.


Pressure-gradient condenser microphone transducer

Cardioid directional pattern

Frequency range: 20-20,000 Hz

Sensitivity: -32 dB ref 1V/Pa (26 mV/Pa)

Equivalent noise level: <15 dB SPL, A weighted rms

Overload sound level: 136 dB SPL

Power supply: P48 phantom, 5 mA

Diameter: 63 mm (100 mm wide at yoke), length 261 mm

Weight: 1.2 kg

Output connector: 3-pin XLR

Made in USA

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