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Millennia HV-3R Digital 8 CH Preamp w/ A/D Card Installed  From Millennia

Pristine 8 Channels of remote controled Preamps with Factory Installed A/D conversion.  If you want to capture THE sound, this is the tool

Millennia Media

What We Think

This is quite simply Millennia’s most famous microphone preamplifier, for which the company’s decades of stellar reputation has been built - upgraded with design features for a modern, digital time and place.  In addition to the world-renowned sound of the HV3D 8-channel unit, this HV3r-d unit allows for digital remote control, and the unbelievable excellent sounding built-in  AD-R96 A/D converter (independently a $1350 upgrade all by itself).  It’s the perfect companion to a world-class remote workstation, on stage or location recording, or the ideal front end to any recording studio that demands the crystalline transparency of the legendary Millennia HV3 preamp, coupled with their truly remarkable sounding A/D conversion.  
If you are looking for the beautiful, defined sound of your room and your source, the Millenia preamps are the first and last place you should look.  With remote accessibility and pristine A/D conversion in one simple box, the HV3r with the digital option should be your first choice!

Tour of Types Vocal Mic Shootout: Shure SM7B vs AEA R44 CXE vs Manley Ref C vs Neumann U87Ai

In this video, we put four different types of microphones up against each other on female vocals: the Shure SM7B (Dynamic Mic), the AEA R44 CXE (Ribbon Mic), the Manley Ref C (LDC Tube Mic), and the Neumann U87Ai (Solid State LDC Mic). Joining us for this shootout are Ayisa Adderley (vocals) and Caige Crampshee (guitar) from the band Eyes Eat Suns. Check them out at WWW.EYESEATSUNS.BAND.

Manufacturer's Description from Millennia

Unrestricted Capacity, Uncompromised Clarity

  • Control up to 792 channels (99 units) at once via Ethernet: TCP/IP addressing allows control via the Internet
  • Plug ‘n play Pro Tools interface via MIDI
  • AElogic Windows software offers total control
  • Hi-definition meters, unlimited groups, scene management, voltage/temperature monitoring...
  • Transformerless design with matched hi-speed discrete transistor octet has 23 dB input headroom: no “pads” needed
  • Entirely balanced audio path with precision components maintains signal integrity: THD under 5 PPM (.0005%)
  • Effortless, vividly realistic musical performance
  • Laser-trimmed FET-based output stage has 32 dB headroom: drives 1000 foot (300m) cable runs with ease
  • Gain controls (1 dB per step) on all channels are-matched to .08 dB
  • Ultra-clean toroid power supply
  • Mogami Neglex OFC audio wiring, silver Teflon power wiring
  • Aluminum 16 gauge rack chassis


  • DPA (B&K) +130V and 190V mic inputs
  • DC inputs for ideal performance with dynamic and ribbon microphones
  • HROE Output expansion option for three active isolated outs per channel
  • AD-R96 analog to digital converter card
Millennia Media

About Manufacturer

Established as a classical music recording company in the 1980s, Millennia Media has grown to become one of the world's respected manufacturers of critical audio recording products. Now with more than 40,000 microphone preamplifier channels shipped, Millennia continues to set sonic precedent in solid-state and vacuum tube mic amps, equalizers, compressors, mixers, and recording channels. With numerous industry awards, fourteen TEC nominations, ten PAR Excellence and Reviewer's Pick awards, an E.Q. Blue Ribbon Award, three Stereophile Class A awarded products, an extensive owner's register of leading audio professionals, and a reputation for musical realism second to none, we believe you won't find a more transparent range of professional audio products on the planet.


Minimum Gain

8.5 dB

Maximum Gain


(1 dB per step, 65 steps)

(1 dB per step, 65 steps)

Frequency Response


+0 / -3 dB

sub 3 Hz to beyond 300 kHz



60 dB Gain, 10 Hz - 30 kHz, Inputs common

-133 dB EIN

Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise


35 dB Gain, 10 Hz - 20 kHz bandwidth, +27 dBu Out

< .001%, Typ. < .0005% (< 5 ppm)

Intermodulation Distortion


(50 Hz & 7 kHz) 35 dB Gain, +27 dBu Out

< .0009%

Phase Response


35 dB Gain, 50 Hz - 20 kHz bandwidth, +27 dBu Out

< 2 degrees deviation

Common Mode Rejection Ratio


35 dB Gain, 10 Hz - 20 kHz bandwidth, 100 mV C.M.

> 65 dB, Typ > 85 dB

Slew Rate


35 dB Gain, +27 dBu Out

> 25 Volts per microsecond

Maximum Input Level


20 Hz - 40 kHz

+23 dBu (no attenuator pads required)

Maximum Output Level


20 Hz - 40 kHz

+32 dBu

Phantom Input Impedance


1 kHz

6,750 ohms

Output Impedance

24.3 Ohms (x2)

DPA (B&K) Mic Powering

+130 V dc max, (non-phantom)

Phantom Powering

+48 V dc, +/- 2 V dc

Power Consumption

45 watts maximum

Power Requirements

Selectable: 100-120, 200-240 V ac, 50/60 Hz

Dimensions/Shipping Weight

19" W x 3.5" H x 16" D, 19 lbs.

Sound Clips