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Millennia Origin STT-1 Channel Strip  From Millennia

Twin Topology Class A recording Channel

Millennia Media


Retail:  $4,500.00

"Experience the Difference"

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What We Think

The most versatile channel strip that money can buy!  The Origin is one of the few Channel Strips that has a Preamp, Compressor and EQ that all not only work together, but are pulled from components that you would own independently.  

With the three main parts of the strip being incredibly versatile, Millennia turned up the versatility even further with their Twin Topology circuit.  Twin Topology allows you to choose Tube or Solid state at EACH part of your chain!  Simply put, this gives you an infinite amount of settings in your mixes, during tracking, or even for the mastering chain.  As an example, you can run the super clean and detailed preamps of the Origin with the Solid State circuit engaged, but then use the Comp with the tube circuit and the EQ with either the Tube or Solid State circuit.  Each portion is independent, and there simply isn’t another channel strip on the market that can do what these can do.  If you haven’t seen our videos yet, going into detail what each section is capable of, you really need to (seriously, watch now, we’ll wait :).


Millennia's STT-1 Origin Channel Strip Overiew Demonstration

Millennia Media's STT-1 Origin contains their clean/transparent preamp, a four band parametric EQ, Compressor, De-esser, and both vacuum tube and solid state signal path options. It is also possible to link a pair of STT-1s in order to use them as a mix bus/stereo pair - great for mastering. This video provides an overview of the Origin, and covers all of the features. This is also the last video in our Millennia Media video series. Check out all of our other videos featuring Millennia's products.

  • Signal Chain
    • Millennia Origin STT-1 Channel Strip

Manufacturer's Description from Millennia

Over 130 Optimized Signal Topologies

·         Twin Mic Preamps — M-2B vacuum tube or HV-3 discrete solid state

·         Twin NSEQ-2 Mastering-Grade Parametric Eqs — vacuum tube or discrete solid state

·         Three Opto Compressor/Limiter Paths — TCL vacuum tube, discrete solid state, passive

·         Twin Opto De-Esser Paths — vacuum tube or discrete solid state

·         Vacuum tube or discrete solid state line level paths

·         Input coupling with or without MIT-01 audio transformer

·         1/4” vacuum tube DI input — route via tube or solid state gain path

·         Effortless, lifelike musical performance at all levels

·         Musically rich vacuum tubes available

·         Gold audio connectors, tube sockets, relays and switches

·         3/8“ thick radius extruded aluminum face plate

·         Durable black mirror-gloss anodized finish

·         Mil spec 16 gauge cold-rolled steel chassis

·         Ultra-clean toroid power supply: internal sub-chassis

·         Hand machined aluminum knobs, illuminated IT&T pushbuttons

·         Mogami Neglex OFC audio wiring

·         Silver Teflon power wiring

·         True audio VU meter for output level or dynamics gain reduction


·         Musically rich vacuum tubes

Millennia Media

About Manufacturer

Established as a classical music recording company in the 1980s, Millennia Media has grown to become one of the world's respected manufacturers of critical audio recording products. Now with more than 40,000 microphone preamplifier channels shipped, Millennia continues to set sonic precedent in solid-state and vacuum tube mic amps, equalizers, compressors, mixers, and recording channels. With numerous industry awards, fourteen TEC nominations, ten PAR Excellence and Reviewer's Pick awards, an E.Q. Blue Ribbon Award, three Stereophile Class A awarded products, an extensive owner's register of leading audio professionals, and a reputation for musical realism second to none, we believe you won't find a more transparent range of professional audio products on the planet.


Microphone Preamplifiers & General:


Twin Topology Mic Preamplifier Selection

Switchable, Vacuum Tubes or Solid-State

Twin Topology EQ & Compressor

Switchable, Vacuum Tubes or Solid-State

Twin Topology Input Coupling

Switchable, Transformer or Transformerless

Maximum Output Level (Balanced)

+ 32 dBu

Frequency Response


+0 / -3 dB (S/S)

sub 5 Hz to beyond 300 kHz

Equivalent Input Noise

-131 dBu (SS, Common Source, Direct Out)

THD + Noise


20 Hz - 22 kHz (S/S)

< .05 %, typ < .003 %

Common Mode Rejection Ratio (S/S)

> 40 dB, Typ > 70 dB @ 60 Hz.

Input Impedance (Mic)

6,200 ohms

Input Impedance (Line)

2,200 ohms (x2)

Input Impedance (Di - Instrument)

> 1 megohm

Output Impedance (Balanced)

24.3 ohms (x2)

Parametric Equalizer:


Maximum EQ Boost/Cut Range (21 Step Detented)

+/- 15 dB

EQ Frequencies


Low Range Switch (Centers - Peak/Shelf Selectable):

20, 34, 56, 100, 180, 270

Low Mid Sweep:

20 Hz - 220 Hz or 200 Hz - 2.2 kHz.
10X Range switch selectable.

Hi Mid Sweep:

250 Hz - 2.5 kHz or 2.5 kHz - 25 kHz.
10X Range switch selectable.

High Range Switch (Centers - Peak/Shelf Selectable)

4.8 k, 5.8 k, 8.0 k, 10 k, 16 k, 21 k

“Q” Range

Q = 0.4 to 4.0 Adjustable on middle ranges


Q = 1.0 Fixed on low & high ranges

Optoelectronic Compressor/Limiter


Threshold Range

Infinite to +20 dBu

Attack Range

2 ms to 100 ms

Release Range

80 ms to 3.0 s

Compression Ratio Range

minimum 1.4 : 1, maximum 30 : 1

De-Essing Frequency Switch

OFF, 4.9 k, 6.8 k, 8.2 k, 10.7 k , 12.0 k

Power Consumption

50 watts maximum

Power Requirements

Selectable: 100-120, 200-240 V ac, 50/60 Hz

Dimensions/Shipping Weight

19” W x 3.5” H x 15.5” D, 25 lbs.

Sound Clips





STT-1 Manual

STT-1 Data Sheet

STT-1 Quick Start Guide