In most professional recording studios there is a baseline mic pre—a starting point, a preamp that typically always works, gives you a sound that you can rely on and trust, and a preamp by which all of the other mic pres in your studio are judged. In our studio, which is equipped with a huge variety of the finest mic preamps in the world, our base line is the Millennia HV-3.


Millennia HV-3R Digital 8 Channel Mic Preamp 

Millennia HV-3R

Millennia utilizes the same great HV-3 mic preamp circuit in their large product range, and you can hear recordings made with a variety of Millennia mic preamps that we actually own, here at Sound Pure studios, in our Millennia preamp video playlist, including: The Millennia TD-1—an incredibly versatile DI with re-amping capability, and a mic pre that features an EQ and Millennia’s legendary “Twin Topology” for added tube coloration.


Millennia Origin STT-1 Channel Strip 


Millennia TD-1

The Millennia Origin, model STT-1—a mind-blowingly flexible channel strip powerful enough to track any instrument or vocal, and which can be turned around and used in mixing or mastering. It has a world-class parametric EQ, compressor, and again, Twin Topology allowing for added tube coloration as needed. The Millennia HV-3R, the flagship Millennia pre featuring remote-controllable mic pres and an optional world-class A/D converter. Other preamps from the HV-3 series include the two-channel HV-3C, as well as both the four and eight channel HV-3D. In addition to the optional A/D converter card, options in the series include DPA 130 volt mic inputs, DC inputs for ideal performance with dynamic and ribbon mics, and an output expansion option for up to three outs per channel. Each Millennia preamp includes the same amazingly quiet HV-3 circuit with unbelievable specs, and a sound that is clean, detailed, transparent, wonderfully neutral, and completely accurate.  Millennia mic preamps are known as THE standard for classical and jazz, but they are wonderful in recording studios whether you are tracking pop, rock, hip-hop, or anything else. The Millennia preamps consistently present the sound coming out of the microphone in a pure way. It doesn’t matter if you are using small diaphragm mics or large diaphragm tube mics, the Millennia is a great choice if you like what the mics are giving you. If the sound coming out of the mic is great, the Millennia will present that sound as is, free of artifacts and distortion… OR… it will present a sound full of them, if that is what your mics are picking up!


Millennia Microphone Preamps: ‘Sound You Can Rely On’

Millennia STT-1

Millennia’s slogan is “there is no undo on your mic preamp.” This absolutely rings true to us here at Sound Pure. With our wealth of post-production possibilities and signal processors, when we want to capture sounds that we can rely on right out of the gate, with all their detail and nuance, we turn to our Millennia mic preamps, knowing we can always manipulate and color these recordings later. Since we are constantly testing new equipment, be it microphones, guitar amps, or acoustic guitars, we have to know that the sound that we are getting from these varied sources is accurate depiction. In fact, when producer Mike Deming came in to test and demo his CharterOak Microphone line with us, he asked us to please use the Millennia mic preamps on everything so that we could all hear what the microphones were doing! While a common choice for things like acoustic guitar and grand piano, the Millennia mic preamp pairs well with non-traditional microphone choices that offer their own color and personality. When pairing an acoustic instrument of any kind with a highly colored microphone, we are able to rely on the Millennia mic preamps to pick up exactly what we are hearing.

Sound Right Out of The Microphone

Millennia HV-3D 8 Channel Mic Preamp

Millennia HV-3D 8 Channel Mic Preamp

Millennia preamps are simply not just for acoustic instruments, classical, or jazz music.They clearly shine anywhere when overtones, tonal complexity, detail, and color preservation are important, and whenever you like the sound that you are getting right out of your microphone. When you get it right at the source, there is no need for drastic sonic manipulation, and massive preamp color shifts… and that’s where the Millennia preamps shine, whether you are tracking distorted electric guitars or classical piano.


When the sound of the preamp needs to be a true and pure representation of the sound that you are getting out of your microphones, Millennia is a fantastic choice. If the video below, you will hear us using this preamp on electric guitars, acoustic guitars, pedal steel, drums, sax, piano, vocals, and more! All recordings are completely unprocessed and un-manipulated, recorded completely dry, without any EQ, compression, or other effect, through our very own Millennia mic preamps here at Sound Pure Studios.

Doug Wessling

Doug Wessling

Pro Audio Specialist