Take a listen to the Warm Audio WA-84 SDC microphone. Utilizing a high-quality acoustic guitar, offering a fundamental response, as well as some complexity – in particular, a James Goodall approach to bracing is an ideal choice. We’re going to process the microphones through our Millennia HV3D mic preamp, which is as close to neutral of a mic preamp that we have available. The Millennia is going directly into our Lynx Aurora converter system. 

With a well balanced instrument, this microphone provides an incredible amount of detail, richness, fullness and vibe. Striking that balance is something that a lot of microphone companies are striving for and some fall short. Some do an incredible job, and Warm Audio has struck a very interesting balance, opting for a very high quality components selection, from the USA made transformer to Australian source capsules. The general sound and vibe of the microphone is it’s incredibly well balanced, warm, rich and full sounding. This affordable SDC microphone sounds incredible! The finish, the machine work, the capsule, is incredibly well machined, far beyond what you’d expect at its particular price point. 


Warm Audio WA-84 Stereo Pair

In this video, Sound Pure Pro Audio Specialist Chuck Giardino reviews the Warm Audio WA-84 small diaphragm condenser microphone. We tested out a pair of WA-84 mics on a Goodall AAA Figured Mahogany Grand Concert acoustic guitar, with the help of Guitar Specialist Barrett Brooks.

Additional Gear Used in This Demo

Millennia HV-3D 8 Channel Mic Preamp 

Lynx Aurora(n) 32-Channel HD2 D/A & A/D Converter 

Goodall AAA Figured Mahogany Grand Concert #6694