In this shootout, we’ve compared 2 different types of microphones and put them head to head on male vocals with a little help from pro audio specialist Marc Kuzio. The contenders include: The LA-320 and the LA-220. Each mic brings a different sound to the table, but both are at a budget-friendly price point. Additional gear used in this video includes the Warm Audio WA76 Discrete Compressor, the Bricasti Design M7 Reverb Processor, the SoundToys EchoBoy Delay Plug-in and the Vintech Audio 573 500-Series Mic Preamp.

The two mics chosen for this comparison are mics that have come through Sound Pure Studios that we feel really passionate about and feel we can recommend with no reservations, whether you’re just getting started with a home studio or adding to your recording studio collection.

For copies of the hi res files, shoot us an email at, or give us a call at (919) 682-5552 (you can also reach out to us on Facebook). Also, every mic in this shootout is available for our Try Before You Buy demo program, so you can do some testing for yourself with no obligation to purchase.

The Contenders



We hope you request the hi res files, because YouTube compression affects the audio considerably. And, last but not least, we want to help you purchase the right gear for your exact needs and setup. This is a shootout on one specific recording application, and it can give you some great info, but the devil is in the details! We specialize in the details and are here to assist you with your choice.