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Avalon AD-2022 Dual Mono Microphone Preamplifier - Used  From Avalon

The Avalon AD2022 is the answer for clean, in your face, pristine solid state brilliance. This unit has small sharpie mark under Channel 1 that has been mostly removed using rubbing alcohol and some small scratches and dents. 


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Avalon Design

"Gone, Baby, Gone"

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What We Think

We’ve only got one Avalon 2022 in our racks at Sound Pure Studios, but I regularly struggle to decide which instrument and mic pair will get graced with its presence. I wish we had at least one or two more of these units here, because it’s a sound that works incredibly well for what we do.
It is a decidedly neutral, uncolored preamp, but because it is transformer-balanced (these are incredibly clean-sounding transformers, mind you), it retains more life and excitement than other super-clean preamps. It has a weight and depth to its sound that feels like the best possible representation of exactly what the instrument and the mic sound like - no change to the color or tone of the recording, but adding just the slightest kiss of excitement.
If you want total transparency but you’re worried about an overly clinical or sterile sound, you absolutely need to hear the 2022. It’s a common pick when we’re tracking our Steinway grand piano or other classical musicians, but it’s also a HUGE asset for acoustic guitar, drum overheads or even a vocal. With vocals, I frequently find myself reaching for more colored preamps to help hide some of the imperfections in a singer’s voice, but when we get singers with great control of their voices and just want to capture what’s actually happening, we’re using the 2022.
Quite a shame that we’ve only got one of these pres in our studio...

Avalon AD-2022 Dual Mono Mic Preamp on Grand Piano Quick n' Dirty

In this video, Sound Pure pro audio specialist Nick Prather discusses the many benefits of the Avalon AD-2022 Dual Mono Microphone Preamplifier, and we hear this unit in action on a Steinway Grand Piano.

Manufacturer's Description from Avalon

The AD2022 is Avalon's fourth generation of fully discrete, symmetrical Pure Class A microphone preamplifiers. The dual mono AD2022 includes the original sonic capabilities and transparency of the M2, M22 and M5 preamplifiers plus several additional features, including selectable microphone source loading for optimized cable/mic matching, improved high-voltage Class A regulated power supplies, two high Z instrument inputs, variable-passive high pass filter, quality/silver wiring and doubled plated circuit boards for superior low level signal transfer. 


 ♦ Symmetrical Pure Class A design, two channels

 ♦ Microphone and hi-Z instrument inputs

 ♦ Gain switched 4dB steps plus +/- 3dB fine output trim 

 ♦ Selectable microphone input impedance matching 

 ♦ Low noise -126dB EIN

 ♦ Ultra high quality, low-ratio, balanced input transformer

 ♦ Balanced, high-current Class A output to +36dB

 ♦ Large illuminated analog VU meters and twin peak LED's

 ♦ Regulated phantom power supply +48v 

 ♦ Input polarity phase reverse 

 ♦ High headroom +36dB input before overload

 ♦ Input -20dB pad for high level signals

 ♦ Sealed silver relays for all signal routing

 ♦ External AC 150w toroidal power chassis

 ♦ Fully discrete Class A regulated audio power supplies

 ♦ Deep, musical sound-stage, transparent amplification



The AD2022 incorporates the most advanced high-performance microphone transformer available. Split low-ratio primary windings are carefully combined within a custom mu-metal core for extended smooth frequency response and very low distortion.  Sealer silver relays are used for minimal signal invasion.  The input signal selector, high pass filter, polarity-phase reverse, +48v power and the 20dB input attenuator all utilize local sealed relay operation. A variable passive high pass filter provides a minimum phase shift design while eliminating low frequency rumble, wind noise and mechanical vibration at sub sonic frequencies. 


Two 100% discrete, high-voltage, symmetrical Pure Class A signal amplifiers are utilized per channel. The first operates in a cascaded-cascode FET configuration while the second stage amplifier is fully bipolar. The twin amplifiers share the total available gain requirement. This shared architecture increases the high level headroom capability, improves transient response and doubles the internal bandwidth of the ultra-high performance pure Class A signal amplifiers. 


High-current DC coupled, Class A discrete amplifiers are utilized for the output drive interface with +36dB capability into all known loads. Two large, high-quality analog VU meters indicate accurate signal readings while bi-color LED's offers peak indication at 0dB and +20dB.

Avalon Design

About Manufacturer

Wynton R. Morro founded Avalon with the desire to bring the art of music recording closer to the essence of the original performance. Avalon's pure Class A recording systems provide the world's leading engineers, producers and musicians with state-of-the-art electronics designed especially for high-fidelity music and sound recording, These carefully engineered systems enhance the creative senses and become one with the music itself. Avalon systems utilize 100% discrete, high-bias pure Class A audio amplifiers. These pure Class A amplifiers are incorporated into minimal signal path designs which include sealed silver relays, balanced DC coupled high-current "outside-world" drivers, fully discrete linear DC regulators, low noise toroidal power transformers and selected high quality active and passive components. This powerful combination of design features gives increased musical headroom and greater dynamic transient capability for a truly transparent audio passage. Avalon's unique design features, highest quality components and continued pursuit of sonic excellence assures the most harmonious musical signal transfer available today. Whether you are recording a solo vocalist, capturing the delicate nuance of an acoustic instrument, mastering music and film productions or recording symphonies, let Avalon take you to the leading edge in analog and experience sonic reality like never before!


Circuit Topology: Twin cascode FET and bipolar low level signal amplifiers, 
high-voltage, 100% discrete, symmetrical Pure Class A
Input Type and Load: Transformer balanced low-ratio, 50, 150, 600 and 1k5 ohm input load selection 
Maximum Mic Level: +36dB balanced XLR pin 2 hot (with -20dB passive attenuator)
Maximum Instrument Level: +18dB at 100k ohms instrument input level, standard mono 1/4 inch jack
Input Attenuator: -20dB resistive pre transformer primary, sealed silver relay
Phantom Power: +48v regulated 50mA capability, sealed silver relay
High Pass Filter: Passive, variable from 30Hz to 185Hz @ 6dB per octave, sealed silver relay.
Polarity Reverse: Sealed silver relay on microphone input
Gain Range Input: +20dB to +64dB in 4dB steps
Gain Output Range: +/- 3dB variable conductive plastic potentiometer
Maximum Output Level: +36dB balanced 600 ohms, DC coupled, discrete symmetrical Pure Class A
Output Type: XLR connector, pin 2 hot
Noise EIN Unweighted: -126dB 150 ohm
Noise 20kHz Unweighted: -102dB
Distortion THD, IMD: 0.05% nominal
Frequency Response -3dB: 1Hz to 120kHz transformer limit
System Bandwidth: DC to 1MHz
Output Meter: High quality, illuminated analog VU meter 0dB = +4dB.
Peak Meter: Bi-color LED's 0dB and +20dB peak detection circuit.
AC power supply B2T: External toroidal 100V to 240V, 50-60Hz selectable,
150 watts maximum.
Cables: 90V ac, 4 pin male power input connector, B2T required, internal DC regulation 
Dimensions: 19 x 12 x 3.5 in (482 x 305 x 89mm)
Weight: 15lbs (6.8kg)
Dimensions - Shipping Carton: 24 x 21.5 x 7.5 in (610 x 546 x 190mm) 
Weight - Packed: 25lbs (11.4kg)

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