Millennia TCL-2

Check out our video on the Millennia TCL-2 Twin-Com and STT-1 compressors below. In the demo, we utilize our pair of STT-1 Origins, which use the same compressor design as Millennia’s TCL-2. Like the Twin-Com, linkable by the front panel button, our pair of STT-1s can be used as individual mono channels, or linked together with a simple link cable plugged into the back. This compressor is clean and versatile, making it a great choice on everything from vocals, electric guitar, bass, sax, and many other choices.

The unit can function as a compressor, but is certainly fast enough, and includes a 30:1 ratio option, which can allow it to be used as limiter. The compressor has the option of pure class-A solid-state JFET circuit, or a tube path that provides some nice alternative coloration. We explore this capability in detail in the Millennia EQ videos, so be sure and check the Millennia EQ video series out.  The compressor is incredibly flexible and transparent, capable of a wide variety of uses in the hands of a trained and experienced engineer.

There is a threshold knob that is continuously adjustable from -20 to +20 dB, an attack knob that is continuously adjustable from 2 milliseconds to 100 milliseconds, a release knob from 100 milliseconds to 3 seconds, which is also continuously adjustable, and a ratio knob that allows from 1.4:1 all the way up to 30:1.

Millennia STT-1 Origin Channel Strip

In our demo video, the compressor does a good job of taming the dynamics of the saxophone track. On the upright bass recording, the compressor has clean dynamic range control and is very sensitive, responding precisely to the control inputs chosen. The last demonstration is an extremely dynamic vocal recording. The compressor helps to control the massive dynamic range of the recording and does a wonderful job mellowing the harshness of the track.

Be sure to check out our other videos exploring functionality of the STT-1, and additional exploration of the tube- versus solid-state tonal coloration possibilities found in both the Twin-Com compressor and STT-1 Origin channel strip. If you have any questions about the STT-1 or any of Millennia’s products, give us a call!