The Earthworks 1024 Mic Preamp With Zero Distortion Technology

Looking for a microphone amplifier that lets your sources come through with only your mics and other processors to flavor them”? Then maybe the Earthworks 1024 mic preamp is your piece of cake.

Distortion is obviously a relative concept. In an absolute world, “100% of vocals you hear in a professional mix” are going to be distorted, in a way or another.

But after having stated the obvious, you can be sure that the 4-channel Earthworks 1024 is as much free of noise and distortion as you can possibly get in preamps, making you feel as if plugging “into a piece of wire and gain”. Earthworks‘ own Zero Distortion Technology delivers an uncompromised sound, the kind of transparency, accuracy and detail you want in vocals, but also in several other acoustic and electric instruments.

The same is true for the 1024’s smaller siblings, the 1-channel Earthworks 1021 and the 2-channel Earthworks 1022

How Does the Earthworks 1024 Mic Preamp Sound?


If you want to have a sense of the Earthworks’ sound, check out the video we recorded here at Soundpure, where sound engineer Jason Richmond demos the 1024 preamp on piano, and on acoustic, jazz archtop, and electric guitars. In Jason’s own words, the Earthworks preamp  “will not add its own coloration and artifacts, like just about every other preamp on the market. It is designed to deliver the sound coming out of the microphone exactly as if there is no preamp in the signal path whatsoever.”


Other gear used in the video:

Earthworks SR40 microphone

Earthworks PM40 piano microphone

Telefunken Elektroakustik AR-51 Microphone 

Evans RE200 1×10 Combo Amplifier 

Peluso P-67 Switchable Pattern Tube Microphone

Lynx Aurora 16 A/D Converter


If you are looking for a no-distortion microphone preamp, the Earthworks 1024 is definitely a preamp we recommend. And if you wanna learn more about the Earthworks Preamps and other alternatives, shoot us an email at, or give us a call at (919) 682-5552 (you can also reach out to us on Facebook).

Our gear is available for our Try Before You Buy demo program, so you can do some testing for yourself with no obligation to purchase.