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Peluso P12 Multipattern Tube Microphone Demo/Open Box  From Peluso

A renowned recreation of the famous AKG C 12 Tube Microphone, the P12 offers the perfect combination of classic sheen, presence, and warmth with a very friendly price tag. Demo one today to hear why we'll never be without a pair in our studio!

Peluso Microphones


Retail:  $2,058.00

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Demo units have been demoed at Sound Pure, tested, or, in some cases, returned by a customer. They are guaranteed in perfect working order with full manufacturer warranty! Want us to confirm condition? Just give us a call.

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What We Think

John Peluso hit the nail on the head with this thing, with everyone who's hearing it saying that it sounds "the way they used to." When John sent this microphone around to his closest studio friends that owned original AKG C12s, the common theme has been that "the P12 sounds the way I remember my C12s sounding when they were at their best." Bright, present, and detailed highs that are warm, but not harsh, characterize the sound of this thing. Unfortunately, many C12s that are floating around out there have capsules, tubes, and other electrical issues related to their age that either hinder the top end, muddy the detail, or simply makes them noisier than they should be in today's studio environment.

The P12, like the original, is made to sound "pretty." Out of the box, with no EQ, the microphones put a presence and shine on most vocals that not only pretties them on their own, but also makes them sit well within the mix. The typical scooped midrange one comes to expect of a modern pop vocal recording of just about any kind persists with the P12 out of the box. If you are looking for that classic, sought-after tube warmth, but designed with modern, ideal, hand-selected-and-tuned components, built here in the United States, the Peluso mic line is the place to look. If you are looking for the mic in particular that will shine in your mix with little knob twiddling, this is your new baby.

To top it all off, this thing is priced right. Request a quoteback (above) and see for yourself.


Peluso LDC Shootout on Female Vocals: P12 v. 2247 SE v. P67 v. 22 251

In this blind microphone shootout on female vocals we compare four of John Peluso's large diaphragm tube condenser mics: the P12, the 2247 SE, the P67, and the 22 251. These four mics are clones of the venerable C12, U47, U67 and 251 respectively, which are four of the most sought after microphones for vocal recordings and many other studio applications. First you'll hear the four mics solo'd and completely dry, then we'll bring them into a loose mix for some context. All four mics were run through our Phoenix DRS8 preamp modules and our Apogee Symphony converter. If you'd like to know which mic was which and get the full length hi-res audio performances to compare for yourself shoot us a quick email to mics(at)soundpure.com. Additionally all four of these mics are eligible for our Try-Before-You-Buy demo program, so if you'd like to experience one for yourself with your gear in your studio please give us a call and we'd be happy to send one out for you to demo. 

Manufacturer's Description from Peluso

The Peluso P-12 Tube Microphone is styled after AKG's legendary vintage "C12". Produced from 1953 to 1963, the "C12" was revered by engineers for its beautiful vocal quality. The P-12 employs a dual sided edge terminated 34mm gold-coated Mylar capsule and a 6072A glass triode tube. The circuitry and transformer have been designed to match the vintage "C12". Carefully selected components, thorough testing, and attention to detail all come together in this beautiful full-bodied classic tube microphone.
The P-12 is paired with the Peluso MX-56 power supply. The dual sided capsule in the P-12 enables the power supply to feature 9 polar patterns in an array from omni-directional to cardioid to figure eight.
The P-12 comes with a 7-conductor cable with standard 7-pin XLR connector.
Acoustically matched pairs available upon special request.
Microphone kit comes as a complete system including: P-12 Microphone in a Wood Box, MX-56 Power Supply, Standard XLR Cable Assembly, and a Shock Mount all packed in a Flight Case.
Peluso Microphones

About Manufacturer

High-quality, yet surprisingly affordable microphones hand-built at Peluso Labs in Virgina, USA. Peluso Microphone Lab, featuring the new and exciting line of Tube and Solid State Peluso microphones, hand-made in the USA. Peluso has a full service repair lab, twenty-six years experience repairing and restoring all brands of vintage and modern microphones.


Type: Condenser Pressure Gradient w/ 34mm edge-terminated capsule

Frequency Range: 20Hz/24Khz

Polar Pattern: 9 - Switchable from omni- to bi-directional

Sensitivity: 11mv/pa

Impedance: 200 ohms

SPL: 136 db

Equivalent Noise: 15 db (A-weighted)

Tube Type: 6072A-M

Power Requirements: Dedicated Power Supply

Size: 45mm x 240 mm

Weight: 750 g