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Miktek C5MP Small Diaphragm Condenser Matched Pair  From Miktek

With included cardioid capsules and a FREE set of omni caps, these detailed, modern SDC’s boast impeccable versatility and are quickly becoming one of the new SDC “standards.”



Retail:  $2,339.00

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What We Think

Over the years we've had the opportunity to hear and use a wide variety of different Small Diaphragm Condenser mics, both vintage and new. That said, we've been absolutely blown away by the sounds we've been able to achieve with the pair of C5's we have in our mic locker.
With the C5, Miktek has found near-perfect balance between incredible detail and transformer-based "sweetness." Although it's a brighter microphone, not once have we experienced a harsh or strident top-end with the C5, most likely due to the slight smoothness provided by the AMI T5 transformer. The mid-range is natural and balanced, and the low-end is incredibly tight (as can be heard in our SDC vs LDC comparison video using the Miktek C7s and C5s). The C5 is also quite fast, resulting in a tremendous amount of detail and articulation.
Sonically the C5 gives you the best of both worlds; it’s got some of the vibe typically found in vintage mics with the detail, presence, and clarity of a modern design. 

SDC vs LDC Microphone Comparison: Miktek C5 & C7 Microphones on Grand Piano

Sound Pure Pro Audio Expert, Todd Atlas, briefly discusses the more general sonic characteristics of Small Diaphragm and Large Diaphragm Condenser microphones. For this comparison we chose our Miktek C5 SDC and C7 LDC microphones and our incredible sounding Steinway Grand Piano. Being a Small Diaphragm Condenser, the C5 recordings showcase more transient detail, articulation, and an overall tighter sound. With it's larger capsule size, the C7 Large Diaphragm Condenser added more warmth and roundness to the piano (especially in the low-end) and smoothed out some of the transient attack of the strings. While every mic has it's own unique voice and response, these broader characteristics and differences can be found in all Large and Small Diaphragm Condenser microphones. If you're having difficulty hearing the differences feel free to email us at mics[at]soundpure.com for the full length hi-res audio files to compare for yourself. Both the Miktek C5 and C7 mics are available for Sound Pure's free try-before-you-buy demo program. If you'd like to se

Manufacturer's Description from Miktek

The Miktek C5 pencil condenser provides discerning engineers with a valuable new tool for the critical recording of acoustic instruments. The C5, fitted with our MK5a, 0.5-inch cardioid capsule, produces a super-linear, full-bodied response. The capsule employs a 5-micron tensioned Mylar diaphragm, on which a 0.5-micron layer of evaporated gold is applied. Tight tolerances and special attention to precise machining of the backplate, and acoustical porting, produces an off-axis response that ensures the accuracy of the microphone.

The C5’s head amplifier has been designed around the AMI T5 transformer and, together with the implementation of high quality components including hand-selected transistors, offers a sweet response reminiscent of the iconic classic mics of the past. The Miktek C5 is perfect for recording acoustic instruments including violin, acoustic guitar, mandolin, dobro, brass, woodwind, and piano. The C5 produces excellent results on drums as overheads or hi-hat mics.

The Miktek C5 is hand built using components from the US, Europe and Asia, and is tested and packaged in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. Each microphone includes its serialized frequency response graph created during final testing.

This matched pair microphone set ships with a pair of C5 cardioid pencil mics in a wooden storage box, interchangeable omni and cardioid capsules, mic clips, two shockmounts, two windscreens, stereo bar, and aluminum flight case.


About Manufacturer

Precision microphones handmade in Nashville, TN USA.

At Miktek, we're dedicated to the pursuit of superior sound captured through microphones. Inspired by the iconic mics of the past, our engineering team has developed capsules and unique circuits to capture that elusive, classic sound. Incorporating the very latest in audio technology, our microphone designs are approved by some of the world’s most acclaimed recording engineers.


  • MK5a 0.5-inch Cardioid Capsule with 5-micron Mylar, Evaporated Gold Diaphragm

  • AMI T5 Transformer

  • Hand-selected Transistors

  • Individual serialized Frequency Response Graph

  • Available as a single mic in a wood Presentation Case with Mic Clip

  • Type . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Small diaphram Condenser

  • Polar Pattern . . . . . . . . . Cardioid

  • Frequency Response . . . . 20~20000Hz

  • Sensitivity . . . . . . . . . . - 32.4 dBV/Pa

  • Equivalent Noise Level . . . 17dB

  • Dynamic range . . . . . . . 109dB

  • S/N Ratio . . . . . . . . . . . 77dB

  • Max. SPL . . . . . . . . . . . 126dB

  • Power Supply . . . . . . . . 48V phantom

  • Power Consumption . . . . 0.5mA





User Manual