No microphone collection is complete without this unique gem! The Oceanus from Lauten Audio is modern and creative not only in sound, but also in its circuit design. This large diaphragm tube condenser has a rich, dark tone that captures every nuance of any performance. It is incredibly versatile, sounding great on male and female vocals, guitars, drums, piano, and more. The Oceanus has subtle tube warmth and a unique circuit topology and design that helps increase clarity of recordings. The microphone is transformerless, but the creative design eliminates harshness usually found in other transformerless mics.

Oceanus LT-381 Kit

The Oceanus kit includes the microphone in a beautiful wooden box, a heavy duty shock mount, a premium Gotham 7-pin tube mic cable, a vintage-style power supply with a wide selection of polar patterns —cardioid, figure-eight, omni, and six intermediate positions, and a deluxe flight case.

Here at Sound Pure, we’ve had the privilege of using this great new mic on many different applications. Watch some fantastic musicians perform at Sound Pure in our Lauten video series on YouTube. Some demos include: Oceanus on male and female vocals, with performances by country singer-songwriter GW Pierce, as well as jazz vocalist Adia Ledbetter and her jazz combo, Oceanus on acoustic guitar, and an Oceanus drum overheads video with outstanding performances by drummer Ken Carter and Tony Witherspoon on Rhodes.

The Oceanus LT-381 isn’t the only microphone Lauten Audio provides. If you’re looking for a small diaphragm microphone, the ST-221 Torch is the most unique and versatile of these that you will find.* The Clarion FC-357 is an FET condenser microphone and the Horizon is a tube microphone that will help you get the sound you’ve been searching for. We’ve got a lot of great videos featuring these mics on our YouTube channel, so be sure to check them out!

*UPDATE: The Lauten Torch has now been discontinued, but we’re happy to suggest a replacement.