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Lauten Audio Horizon Tube Microphone  From Lauten

An excellent side-address studio workhorse tube microphone!

Lauten Audio

What We Think

The Horizon from Lauten Audio is an extremely versatile, single pattern, large-diaphragm tube condenser microphone that can be used on wide variety of applications. This mic can do it all! From electric and acoustic guitar, bass guitar, male and female vocals, drum overheads, toms, snares, and kicks, to brass, strings, piano and more. This microphone will perform beautifully in your home, studio, or even live applications. This microphone has a smooth top end, meaty mid-range and a tight bottom end. Watch some of our demo videos featuring these mics to hear how great they sound. A miniature three-position toggle switch at the top of the mic body provides pre-attenuation of 0, -10 or -20 dB, enabling it to accommodate maximum sound pressure levels of 120, 130, or 140 dB respectively. The two-stage pads enable close miking of loud sources, the smooth, if airy, response seems to work well with most sources and certainly helps them to cut through a mix with minimal EQ, and the overall tonality is of a warm, harmonically rich classic valve mic. The Horizon is made from a single piece of brass, so it is extremely durable. 


Glyn Johns Technique - How to Mic a Drum Kit with Three Microphones

Learn how to mic a full drum kit using the Glyn Johns Method, with a pair of Lauten Oceanus microphones and a Lauten Horizon from SoundPure's audio expert Fletcher. Situating a trio of microphones from Lauten Audio to capture the flawless drum stylings of Devin Fuller, Fletcher details everything you would need to know about understanding this technique of mic'ing a full kit. Guitarist Jared Wofford and organist Mark Wells join to complete the sound. The Lauten vacuum tube Oceanus mics were run through an A Designs Pacifica Preamp, while the tube Horizon mic was run through a Great River MP2NV Preamp as well as an A Designs EMEQ2 equalizer, with both running through the Lynx Aurora AD converter. If you want to learn more about the gear used in this session, or if you have any questions concerning the techniques used, don't hesitate to call the recording engineers here at Sound Pure Studios. 919.682.5552. or 888.528.9703.

Manufacturer's Description from Lauten

The Horizon Tube Microphone will help you get the sound you've been looking for. You won't find another microphone that can match the component quality, sound, and value on the market today.

You may be looking for a great microphone with a specific purpose, but what if you can have a microphone that sounds great in many applications? Our customer feedback has proven the Horizon can be that mic. From Grammy-winning producers to small and home studio owners, we have received positive feedback on many applications. Everything from killer guitar amps, mix-cutting vocals, tight snare drums, rich acoustic guitars, and even instruments like concertina and mandolin. Horizon owners have spoken: It will perform for you.

Each microphone comes with a shock mount and hard mount to meet the challenges of any studio. The hard mount is perfect for tight spaces or close micing. The shock mount reduces excessive noise caused by foot tapping or outside noise. You get added versatility from the shock mounted capsule. This reduces external vibrations no matter which mount you use.

Think you can't use a large diaphragm tube mic on stage? Think again! The Horizon tube microphone has proven to be an excellent microphone for live sound recording. With superb off-axis rejection, the bleed from other instruments is minimized. Multiple mounting options make the Horizon easy to place. The mounts and the shock-mounted capsule eliminate noise problems often found with other microphones.

With approximately 10dB higher output, you won't need to rely on expensive preamplifiers to achieve great sound. Two attenuation choices reduce amplitude by 10 or 20 decibels with no sound distortion. These features help you achieve superior results on a large variety of instruments and voices.

Hold the Horizon Tube Microphone in your hand, and you can feel the quality. Built from a solid piece of brass, the body is extremely rugged. The lollipop style head is designed to withstand a hard lick from a drum stick. A robust build quality is necessary to handle years of studio use and protect the premium electronics inside.

Internally, the Horizon Tube Microphone features a carefully constructed capsule which accurately captures sound waves. The military grade vacuum tube generates a fantastic tone. Finally, the world's finest capacitors and precision wound output transformer offer exceptional performance and clarity.

*Hand tuned large diaphragm capsule
*Internal shock mount
*NOS (New-old-stock) military grade vacuum tube
*High resolution capacitors
*Robust body milled from solid brass
*-10 & -20dB pad
*Custom wound output transformer
*Low self-noise

Included Accessories
*Custom power supply
*Hard mount
*Mic bag
*Premium Gotham 7-Pin tube mic cable
*Shock mount
*Deluxe flight case

Lauten Audio

About Manufacturer

Based in California, Lauten Audio was founded almost a decade ago by Brian Loudenslager, who saw a need for well thought-out mics with a unique character. Working in collaboration with Grammy nominated engineer and producer Mike Terry and theoretical physicist Dr. Charles Chen, Brian started working on the Horizon, which they wanted to be a unique-sounding work-horse studio microphone. Two years later the Horizon was introduced. 8 years later, Lauten Audio has become known as a leader in original-sounding microphones with unique timbre, and has garnered a loyal following. Lauten audio does not clone classic or vintage microphones, and instead starts with a clean slate to bring you a truly original product.


*Type:Pressure gradient 
*Polar Pattern:Cardioid 
*Dimensions:8.8 x 2.4in 
*Freq. Response: 20Hz to 20kHz 
*Dynamic Range:120dB minimum Impedance:<200 ohms 
*Max. SPL:0.5% THD @ 1000Hz: 120dB (140dB Pad engaged) 
*Self-noise level:<20dB(A) 
*Sensitivity:32mV/h2a OR -30ý2dB 0dB=1V/h2a 1000Hz 
*Special Features:2-step -10 & -20dB pad 
*Connectors:7-Pin XLR & Standard XLR 
*Power Requirement:Custom power supply 100 to 230v