Looking for a microphone that can do it all and sound great in many applications? The Lauten Horizon Tube Microphone has proven to do just that. This extremely versatile, single-pattern, large-diaphragm tube condenser microphone can be used ranging from small home studios to stage performances, and recording many types of instruments from tight snare drums to mandolins. Using it will produce a smooth top end, meaty mid-range, and a tight bottom end.

The Horizon from Lauten Audio has an overall warm tone, and closely miking loud sources works well because of the smooth, airy response you get. This helps to cut through a mix by minimizing EQ.

Lauten Audio’s Horizon is made from a single piece of brass, which means it’s extremely durable. Just by handling the mic one time, you will notice its rugged body and quality build, which is necessary for years of use while protecting the premium electronics inside. At the top of the mic body you’ll find a mini three-position toggle switch providing pre-attenuation of 0, -10 or -20 dB, which allows the maximum sound pressure levels of 120, 130 or 140 dB respectively. Each microphone comes with a shock mount and hard mount, depending on what challenges will be met in your studio. The mounts can also be used to eliminate noise problems with other mics that are often found during live performances.