The Peluso P-87 versus the classic Neumann Microphones

Do you wonder how does the Peluso P87 compare to the classic Neumann U87 microphone? And to its newest offspring, the Neumann U87ai? Check out the video above, where Sound Pure pro audio expert David Barrett compares the three “87” style microphones, with the help of vocalist singer-songwriter Jason Adamo.

The Neumann U87 is a classic, well-known for its warm and well-balanced characteristics. It presents a wide range of features and versatility that make it to one of the most desirable microphones available, and the perfect choice as a vocal microphone for all types of music and speech.

The Peluso P87, on the other hand, keeps blowing us away. It captures the essence of how an ’87 would sound, fresh out of the box decades ago, providing the glorious mid-range focus the original became famous for, with a beautiful blend of smoothness and detail for a non-tube LDC mic. John Peluso has been servicing and repairing classic vintage mics — including the U87 — for over 35 years, and has used that knowledge and experience to develop his own ever-growing range of microphones. At an unbeatable price, the Peluso P87 is a very high-quality microphone you want to check out for your locker. We love it on near any style of vocals. It’s clear, warm, and still accurate to how the vocalist naturally sounds, but with a larger-than-life enhancement. It is also one of our favorites for acoustic instruments, where we find its mid-range boost adds a definition and focus we don’t hear in other similarly priced microphones. How was John Peluso able to create such a fantastic-sounding and well-built microphone for under $1k still amazes us.

Did you listen to the blind test? Can you tell which mic is which? 

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The Contenders

Peluso P87

Neumann U87Ai

Neumann U87

Why Do We Do Our Shootouts Blind?

Good question! In our own experience as recording engineers and musicians, we’ve found we have unconscious biases that favor one microphone, preamp, instrument, etc. over another based merely on preconceptions and brand associations. We’re often surprised at the results and want to present that same unbiased listening opportunity for you.

Also, we hope you request the hi-res files, because YouTube compression affects the audio considerably. And, last but not least, we want to help you purchase the right gear for your exact needs and setup. This is a shootout on one specific recording application, and it can give you some great info, but the devil is in the details! We specialize in the details and are here to assist you with your choice.