The CharterOak E700s are becoming one of our go-to microphones for recording at Sound Pure Studios, and for great reasons. With a very large 1.2” diaphragm, you get amazing low end from this microphone (as heard on our piano videos). But what is truly remarkable is how detailed these E700s are. Add in the fact that the CharterOak E700s are quite neutral as well, even with the massive capsule size, and you have a microphone that performs unlike any other large diaphragm FET microphone.
The E700 has a very thin capsule, which is what makes the transients translate so incredibly well, and why we have been using them on finger-style acoustic guitar as of late. We typically use small diaphragm condensers for the bulk of our studio guitar work, but the E700s are so full and detailed they have become a go-to for singer/songwriter work in our studio. In the CharterOak 538 vocal video, we used a pair of the E700s on the guitar with fantastic results! If you are looking for a HUGE sound on your finger-style acoustic guitar, the E700s will deliver. It is always hard to find a single set of microphones that can truly be used all over the studio without compromise, but the E700s are that exception. The versatility of the E700s is really quite extraordinary, as we have even used it as a primary kick drum microphone! From vocals to acoustic guitar and grand piano, and even on a kick drum, the E700 is proving to be an incredible microphone for our studio. If you have time, check out the videos and be sure to email us here at the shop for hi-res audio files (