Todd Atlas from Sound Pure Studios sits with Casey from Bricasti Design to discuss adding reverb to drums using the M7’s very simple presets.

The Bricasti M7 is the world-shaking reverb processor that has proven to be, among the top recording engineers and record producers in the world, the ultimate choice for natural-sounding acoustic spaces and non-artifact reverbs that simply do not possess the typical smearing, muddiness, and phase problems you come to hear even in today’s top and most sought-after reverbs. The natural decay that the Bricasti creates is the equivalent of having truly world-class spaces and truly world-class microphones. The spaces are produced with wonderful realism and accuracy, and the resulting combined product of direct dry recording plus reverb does not come at an expense, as is typically the case with even the finest legacy reverbs in the world.

Great convolution products by Altiverb, Lexicon, Eventide, TC Electronic, and others simply cannot compare in the way that they handle natural spaces, transient information, detail, and overall acoustic space realism. There is a reason that the top engineers in the world are turning towards the Bricasti for these reasons, and there’s good reason that Sound Pure Studios owns the Bricasti and why we use it on session work every day!