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Presonus Central Station Plus with Remote - Used  From Presonus

Feature packed, professional choice for monitor control


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Manufacturer's Description from Presonus

With Central Station, you can easily switch between three sets of stereo, analog input sources and one stereo digital input source. The digital inputs provide up to 24-bit, 192 kHz digital-to-analog conversion, and the converters deliver more than 115 dB of dynamic range. The Central Station will automatically detect and lock to the sampling rate of the source device.
You can audition these sources with up to three pairs of speakers, with individual trim pots for each speaker. You also get two screaming-loud headphone amplifiers with individual level controls. If two sets of cans aren’t enough, simply connect the line-level cue outputs to a headphone distribution system—say, a PreSonus® HP2, HP4, or HP60. And because Central Station is a 1U rack-mount device, with only one multi-conductor cable running to the remote control on your desktop, all of the cabling is in the back of your rack, where it belongs.

About Manufacturer

PreSonus Corporation, a developer of audio technologies for the professional and semi-professional digital audio markets, was founded in 1995 and presently has an active distribution network in place that reaches over 20 million audio consumers. PreSonus also manages a high traffic website, www.presonus.com that is experiencing over 100,000 hits per month. The Company has released 18 professional audio products that have shipped to over 41 countries. Presonus has received the Electronic Musician Magazine Editor's Choice Award for four different products. The Company's products have also been nominated several times for MIX Magazine's Technical Excellence in Creativity Awards (TEC). In all, over 150,000 PreSonus products are in use around the world. The Company's primary objective is to leverage its research and development ability, intellectual property portfolio, expertise in manufacturing, well respected brand, and established distribution channels to continue swift growth in revenue and profitability. PreSonus has exhibited consistent growth of an average of 48.6% per year over the past six years and predicts continued double digit growth rates for the next three years. PreSonus was founded on the precept of research and development in new technologies and discovery and exploitation of emerging multi-media markets. The Company has passed the 'proof of concept' stage and is presently utilizing its proprietary designs and patents to expand product offerings. PreSonus has extensive relationships in the music, technology, Internet, manufacturing and consumer electronics industries as well as a highly respected professional audio brand - PreSonus Audio Electronics. Competencies necessary to promote and support digital audio technology include qualified personnel in research, engineering, manufacturing, music and marketing as well as direct experience with branding and business development. PreSonus has developed a talented staff and exceptional reputation and is poised to take advantage of the burgeoning digital audio and digital media consumer markets.


Audio Inputs

TRS 1 & 2

Type¼" TRS Passive-Balanced

Input Impedance2-5 kΩ (Speaker load and Trim level dependent)

S/N Ratio> 140 dB

THD+N< 0.0005% (1 kHz @ 0 dBu)

Frequency Response> 1 MHz


TypeRCA Active-Unbalanced

Input Impedance8 kΩ

S/N Ratio> 115 dB (1 kHz @ 0 dBu, Unity gain)

THD+N< 0.002% (1 kHz @ 0 dBu, Unity gain)

Frequency Response10 Hz-50 kHz, -0.5 dB

Gain Range-90 dB to +20 dB


TypesRCA 75Ω coax and Toslink optical

Dynamic Range117 dB

THD+N0.0025% (1 kHz @ -1 dBfs)

Maximum output+18 dBu (Active-Balanced)

Sample Rates44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192 kHz

Note: All Input specifications (except Input Impedance) measured at Speaker A output, Trim and Main Level set to maximum.



Main Chassis

Package Type1U steel chassis

Dimensions19 (W) x 1.75 (H) x 6.25 (D) inches

Weight5.0 lbs

External Power Supply (factory configured)

Package TypeMolded Plastic

Dimensions2.5 (W) X 2.3 (H) X 4.0 (D) inches

Weight2.5 lbs


Input Meters

TypeDual 30 segment LED w/ Peak Hold

Range-48 dB to +18 dB (-66 dBfs to 0 dBfs)

Accuracy> 0.25 dB

Frequency Range10 Hz-22 kHz

Calibrate Range±18 dB


Audio Outputs


Type¼" TRS Passive-Balanced

Type-Mono Activated¼" TRS Active-Impedance Balanced

Trim Range-90 dB to 0 dB

Main Level Range-90 dB to 0 dB

Dim Attenuation-30 dB


Type¼" TRS Active-Balanced

Output Impedance51Ω

THD+N< 0.0025%

Frequency Response10 Hz-50 kHz, -0.5dB


Type¼" TRS Active-Impedance Balanced

Output Impedance51Ω

THD+NLess than 0.003% (1 kHz @ 0 dBu)

Frequency Response10 Hz-50 kHz, -0.5 dB

Gain Range-90 dB to 0 dB

Dim Attenuation-30 dB (Talkback activated)


Type¼" TRS Active Stereo

Maximum Output150 mW/channel @ 60Ω load

THD+N0.015% (150 mW/channel @ 60Ω load)

Frequency Response10 Hz-50 kHz, +1 dB



Dynamic Microphone Input

TypeXLR Female Balanced

Input Impedance2400Ω

Internal Microphone

TypeElectret Condenser

Sensitivity-42 dB

Mic Preamp

Gain Range15-55 dB


Power Supply

TypeExternal A.C. Transformer/Internal Linear

Power Consumption40 VA

CSR-1 Control Station Remote

Dimensions5.25 (W) x 5.75 (H) x 2.38 (D) inches

Weight1.25 lbs.

Cable12-foot DE15M to DE15M (male-male)