Presonus ADL 600 Stereo Tube Mic Preamp  From Presonus

Stereo Tube Microphone Preamp designed by legendary builder Anthony DeMaria, and is stuffed with 3 tubes per channel, impedance switching and many other features to give you complete control of your tone!


Anthony Demaria Labs discussing his Presonus ADL600 Tube Mic Pre

Anthony Demaria discusses his incredible design work on the Presonus ADL600 Stereo Vacuum Tube Microphone Preamplifier. The design which takes its cues from some legendary tube mic preamps dating back to recordings made with the Beatles carries forward some of the best of those designs while offering numerous sonic improvements. The massively overbuilt power supply provides extended gain that proves to be clean, quiet, detailed, with extraordinary harmonic and transient detail. With 6 vacuum tubes, 4 audio transformers, and a massive power transformer, this boutique preamp boasts extraordinary build quality and build principles but utilizes the manufacturing genius of Presonus Audio Electronics, resulting in a preamp that sells for half of what it typically would from a boutique manufacturing company. The preamp is utilized briefly to track wonderful-sounding acoustic guitars. Warm Vacuum Tube Coloration coupled with sensational features, amazing detail retention, and pristine build quality makes this preamp a must-have for any serious professional or project studio. The added features like the bass roll-off, an impedance switching (that acts like a tonal color-control from dark to open sounding), a pad, a plus or minus 10db trim control, all add to the wonderful flexibility that this preamp has on numerous applications. Sound Pure is a proud dealer of all of Anthony Demarias products (as well as the wonderfully well-priced products being created by Presonus), even Anthonys hand-built $20,000 Fairchild-styled compressor, and will gladly discuss all of these amazing products in use. With Sound Pures own world-class recording studio in-house, they not only sell the gear that they represent, but are using it on major record releases. Feel free to contact Sound Pure at any time, toll free 888-528-9703.

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    • Presonus ADL 600 Stereo Tube Mic Preamp

Manufacturer's Description from Presonus

The ADL 600 is a high voltage two-channel original microphone preamplifier designed by world-renown analog tube circuit designer Anthony DeMaria. The ADL 600 utilizes a unique high voltage, Class A discrete design with three vacuum tubes per channel for maximum headroom and tonality. The ADL 600 is built by hand in the USA by PreSonus and utilizes the finest components in the world including switched attenuators, military-grade vacuum tubes, analog VU and LED meters, custom-designed proprietary transformers, and the list goes on. No expenses are spared with the ADL 600 down to the last polypropylene film capacitor. The ADL 600 is big, warm, smooth, and clear; a sound like no other.

Control and Flexibility
The ADL 600 is designed for ultimate sonic performance, however its ease of use and flexibility allowing for many types of input sources further sets it above all other preamplifiers. The input selector allows for selection between Hi-Z instrument input, line input and four different microphone impedances for a wide variety of sounds and applications. The High Pass Filter is a rotary switch with three filter settings (40Hz, 80Hz, and 120Hz @ 6dB per octave) for passively and unobtrusively controlling room rumble and low frequency noise. The input gain attenuator is a military-grade rotary switch delivering 5dB step increments and a total preamplifier gain of over 72dB. The output stage is controlled by a fully variable conductive plastic attenuator delivering +/-10dB of fine tune trim adjustment to "dial-in" the perfect gain structure for the application at hand. The ADL 600 also includes 48V phantom power and a -20dB pad both controlled by big sturdy military grade switches.

Under the Hood
The ADL 600 is built with the finest components available in the world. The ADL 600 is a fully discrete transformer input and output Class A design incorporating three military-grade vacuum tubes per channel operating at voltages of +/-300V power rails for maximum tube tonality and headroom. There are no op-amps or integrated circuits (IC's) in the signal path to ensure the purest sound possible. The dual transformer design also ensures ultra low noise operation with maximum common mode rejection.

The ADL 600 is loaded with both fast-acting eight-segment LED meters for accurately detecting fast transients and peaks, as well as large high quality analog VU meters for metering output level.

- High-Voltage Class A Dual Transformer Design
- >73dB Gain
- Selectable Microphone Input Impedance - Switched Gain and Variable Fine Trim Controls
- Microphone, Instrument and Line Inputs
- Ultra Low Noise (-100dB S/N ratio)
- Variable High Pass Filter, 48V, -20dB Pad, Polarity Invert
- Analog VU and Fast-Acting LED Metering


About Manufacturer

PreSonus Corporation, a developer of audio technologies for the professional and semi-professional digital audio markets, was founded in 1995 and presently has an active distribution network in place that reaches over 20 million audio consumers. PreSonus also manages a high traffic website, that is experiencing over 100,000 hits per month. The Company has released 18 professional audio products that have shipped to over 41 countries. Presonus has received the Electronic Musician Magazine Editor's Choice Award for four different products. The Company's products have also been nominated several times for MIX Magazine's Technical Excellence in Creativity Awards (TEC). In all, over 150,000 PreSonus products are in use around the world. The Company's primary objective is to leverage its research and development ability, intellectual property portfolio, expertise in manufacturing, well respected brand, and established distribution channels to continue swift growth in revenue and profitability. PreSonus has exhibited consistent growth of an average of 48.6% per year over the past six years and predicts continued double digit growth rates for the next three years. PreSonus was founded on the precept of research and development in new technologies and discovery and exploitation of emerging multi-media markets. The Company has passed the 'proof of concept' stage and is presently utilizing its proprietary designs and patents to expand product offerings. PreSonus has extensive relationships in the music, technology, Internet, manufacturing and consumer electronics industries as well as a highly respected professional audio brand - PreSonus Audio Electronics. Competencies necessary to promote and support digital audio technology include qualified personnel in research, engineering, manufacturing, music and marketing as well as direct experience with branding and business development. PreSonus has developed a talented staff and exceptional reputation and is poised to take advantage of the burgeoning digital audio and digital media consumer markets.


Input Impedence


Microphone Selectable, 150/300/900/1500 Ohm
Balanced Line 2KOhm
Instrument 100KOhm
Maximum Input Level  
Microphone (1500Ohm, +20dB Pad out) +5dBu
Microphone (1500Ohm, +20dB Pad in) +25dBu
Balanced Line +30dBu
Instrument +30dBu
Gain Range  
Microphone (1500Ohm, +20dB Pad out) 18dB to 72dB
Balanced Line -12dB to 40dB
Instrument -5dB to 42dB
Noise Floor (all inputs, minimum gain) -95dBu (A-weighted)
Microphone Equivalent Input Noise (EIN) -125dBu (A-weighted)
Frequency Response 10Hz to 45KHz +/- 1dB
Maximum Output Level +23dBu (@ 0.5%THD+N)
Output Impedance 600 Ohm
Tube Complement (per channel) 1-12AT7A, 2-6922
Power (Factory Configured) 115 or 230 VAC / 100Watts
Dimensions 3.5" (H) X 17.0" (D) X 19.0" (W)
Weight 28 lb



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