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Mojave Audio MA-101 FET SDC Microphone  From Mojave Mics

Combining the interchangeable capsules of the tube powered MA-100 with the electronics of the MA-201 FET LDC, the MA-101 is a FET small diaphragm condenser dersigned by David Royer of Royer Labs.

Mojave Audio

Mojave MA101 FET Microphone Record Acoustic Guitar

The Mojave Audio MA101 FET Condenser Microphone track some impressive acoustic guitar tones in the Sound Pure Recording Studios. These little microphone from Mojave audio have the capsules from their tube microphone series, and the electronics from the 201 FET, making it an impressive "best of both worlds" hybrid microphone design. It has a nice punchy sound to it, which makes it a great choice for acoustic guitars, particularly when you want them to cut through the mix. It also has a lot of headroom (140dB in fact) once you engage the 15dB internal pad, which is easily accessible. It is quite a value given that it includes a nice case, mount, and two capsules (both omni and cardioid). We were impressed with the results, even when running it through a tube preamp. Please give us a call to discuss your next microphone upgrade, we are here for you at Sound Pure, and can be reached toll free 888-528-9703.

Manufacturer's Description from Mojave Mics

The MA-101fet is a small diaphragm, solid-state condenser microphone with interchangeable cardioid and omnidirectional capsules. Designed by renowned microphone designer David Royer, the MA101fet combines the features of two of Mojave Audio's popular models - the cardioid and omnidirectional capsules from the MA-100 with the electronics from the MA-201fet. New to the MA-101fet is an internally switchable -15dB pad, increasing the headroom to an ear shattering 135dB SPL. This makes the MA-101fet suitable for everything from capturing the subtle nuances of acoustic instruments to the loudest of electric guitars and drums - great for location recording, too.

Featuring hand selected, 3-micron cardioid and omni capsules, a high quality Jensen audio transformer and military-grade FET and custom designed low noise resistors; the MA-101fet is designed to offer excellent performance for a wide variety of applications. Each MA-101fet microphone is carefully tested and evaluated, then packaged in its protective case.


  • Interchangeable cardioid and omnidirectional hand-selected 3-micron capsules
  • Internally switchable -15dB attenuator
  • Jensen audio transformer
  • Military-grade FET
  • Custom designed low-noise resistors
  • Ultra clean signal path

Recommended applications

  • Acoustic Instruments
  • Location Recording
  • High SPL sources, such as Kick Drums and Bass Guitar Amps
  • Electric Guitars
  • Piano
  • Snare Drums, Toms, Drum Overheads
Mojave Audio

About Manufacturer

David Royer started Mojave Audio in 1985 in the garage of his house. The location was Fullerton, California, and Mojave Audio was a one-man, custom pro audio gear shop. David is best known for his ribbon microphone designs with Royer Labs, but he originally started out designing and building vacuum tube microphones, mic pre's and compressors for engineers in the Los Angeles area. Since the mid 1990's, Davidýs custom Mojave products have been used on a number of well-known recordings and have achieved legendary status among a small circle of high-end engineers. With the launching of Mojave Audio, we are able to bring David's non-ribbon designs to the world.


Capsules: Interchangeable Cardioid and Omnidirectional

Diaphragm: .8" (20.5 mm) diameter

Diaphragm thickness: 3-micron

Frequency Response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz +/- 2.5 dB

Sensitivity: -39 dB re.1V/pa +/- 1.5 dB

Maximum SPL: 125 dB pad off, 140dB pad on.

Distortion: <1% @ 120dB pad off, <1 % @ 135dB pad on

Self Noise: 14 dB nominal, not to exceed 16 dB (A weighted)

Impedance: 550 ohms, transformer balanced (Jensen)

Power Requirements: 48VDC phantom power; .68 mA wall current


Carrying Case with microphone: 8.3" x 6.7" x 3.3" (21 x 17 x 8.5 cm), weight 1.8 lbs, (0.82 KG)

Microphone: 6.75" x 1.12", weight 8 oz