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Focal Solo6 ST6 Active Monitor Pair  From Focal

Active bi-amped monitors with a single 6 inch woofer and a beryllium tweeter.

Focal Professional Studio Monitors

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Discover ST6, the new reference monitor standard from Focal

Discover ST6, our new line of studio monitors. ST6 is composed of monitors Solo6, Twin6 and the subwoofer Sub12. Enjoying the very best of Focal's technological advances, this range is designed for the most meticulous music producers out there. Only music, nothing else!

Manufacturer's Description from Focal

Solo6 is a 2-way monitor offering transparency, a level of definition, dynamics and soundstage precision that is unrivalled in its price range. Thanks to its Focus full-range mode, Solo6 is two monitors in one, where the woofer alone becomes a full-range speaker driver.


Key points

• Beryllium inverted dome tweeter: very low directionality, excellent linearity and dynamics

• Optimised baffle tweeter: excellent dispersion control

• Composite sandwich ‘W’-cone: sound neutrality, no distortion

• Focus mode: two monitors in one; 2-way monitor and 1-way full-range monitor (woofer alone)

• Large laminar port: no port noises or distortion

• Inserts for wall fastening

• Automatic disengageable stand-by mode

• Settings: activatable/deactivatable, LF shelving, HF shelving, LPF @ 160Hz

Focal Professional Studio Monitors

About Manufacturer

Professional studio monitors made in France, with over 35 years of experience. Focal monitors are designed to reproduce with accuracy and without distortion, and include options for everything from small home studios to large professional facilities such as ours. Focal makes some of our absolute favorite monitors, and we use them extensively in our studio.



  • 2-way monitor


Frequency response (@ -3dB)

  • 45Hz - 40kHz


Low cut-off frequency (@ -6dB)

  • 40Hz


Focus mode

  • 110Hz - 10kHz


Maximum SPL (Average CEA2034 50–10kHz free field @ 1m)

  • 110dB


Focus mode (Average CEA2034 100–10kHz free field @ 1m)

  • 109.5dB



  • Balanced XLR 10 kΩ


Bass amplifier stage

  • 80W RMS


Treble amplifier stage

  • 50W RMS


Nominal power supply

  • ~100-120 VAC/220-240 VAC
  • 50/60Hz


User controls

  • Sensitivity, stand-by HPF,
  • LF Shelv, LMF EQ, HF Shelv



  • ~100-120V, T2.5AL/250V
  • ~220-240V, T1.25AL/250V



  • 6.5" (16.5cm) “W” cone



  • 1.5" (38mm) Beryllium



  • no



  • 7/8" (22mm) MDF



  • Dark red natural veneering side panels, black body


Dimensions (HxWxD)

  • 13 1/8" x 9 3/4" x 11 5/8"  (33.4x24.6x29.5cm)



  • 28.6lbs (13kg)


Temperature range

  • During use: 5-35°C
  • In storage: 0-50°C


Wall mounting

  • K&M® 24471 fixing kit
  • + K&M® 24359 adapter


Ceiling mounting

  • K&M® 24496 fixing kit
  • K&M® 24491 fixing kit
  • + K&M® 24359 adapter