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Focal CMS-65 Active Compact Monitors - Used  From Focal

Active bi-amped monitors with a 6-inch woofer.


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Focal Professional Studio Monitors

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What We Think

We are all aware of just how important it is to hear as much of what is really going on in your mix as possible. For us, the Focal CMS-65 represent the very best price vs. performance studio monitor set currently available. The 6.5" woofer allows for higher volume and deeper, more accurate bass to impress clients and finally hear all the nuance of your mix that you've been missing out on.

Focal CMS50 and CMS65 Studio Monitors at AES NYC, Oct. '09

Focal Professional Introduces The CMS50 and CMS65 studio monitors at their booth at AES booth to Sound Pure. The CMS line is the latest arrival in the Focal Professional range. With a smaller footprint and lower price tag than the SM6 (and certainly the SM11 line) CMS is particularly dedicated to postproduction studios, small listening rooms, radio studios and home studios. The CMS 50 is the most compact monitoring loudspeaker of all the Focal Professional range. Its design permits listening from 50cm away, while still keeping the possibility of the monitors at a great distance from one another without damaging the soundstage. The 5 mid-woofer reaches down to 55Hz, while offering a controlled bass and a totally linear midrange. The CMS 65 is the reference of the CMS line. On its introduction at AES in San Francisco 2008, it immediately received the Excellence Award from the magazine Pro Audio Review due to its amazing size/price/performance ratio. Its extended response at 45Hz (-3dB) allows an installation without a subwoofer. Treble definition, midrange transparency and control of the midbass and bass registers are all key points of the CMS 65. The outstanding stability of the tonal balance, even at very high sound level, ensures very high quality when mastering. Call Sound Pure toll free at 888-528-9703 to discuss ordering one, or any questions you might have, or try sales@soundpure.com. Members of the Sound Pure Sales team are also experienced professional recording engineers that are glad to lend their sales experience with any of their prospective customers. Please give us a call, we are here to help!

Manufacturer's Description from Focal

The reference standard of the CMS line, the CMS 65 received the 2008 Excellence Award from Pro Audio Review magazine due to its amazing size/price/performance ratio. Its extended response at 45Hz (-3dB) allows installation without a subwoofer.


CMS 65 monitors are characterized by treble definition, midrange transparency and adjustable control of the midbass and bass registers. The tonal balance is extremely stable, even at very loud volumes, ensuring accurate reproduction when mixing and mastering.

Focal Professional Studio Monitors

About Manufacturer

Professional studio monitors made in France, with over 35 years of experience. Focal monitors are designed to reproduce with accuracy and without distortion, and include options for everything from small home studios to large professional facilities such as ours. Focal makes some of our absolute favorite monitors, and we use them extensively in our studio.


Frequency response (+/-3dB) :

45Hz - 28kHz

Maximum SPL :

112dB SPL (peak @ 1m)

Input :

Balanced 20kOhms / Unbalanced 47 kOhms
Connector XLR / RCA

HF amplifier stage :

60W RMS, class AB

LF amplifier stage :

100W RMS, class AB

Electric supply :

Mains voltage: 220-230V (1.6A fuse rating)
120V (3.15A fuse rating)
100V (4A fuse rating)
IEC inlet and detachable power cord

Adjustment :

- Adjustable sensitivity, +4dBu / 0 / -10dBV
- Adjustable volume, -66dB / 0dB
- Adjustable high-pass filter, idle / 45 / 60 / 90Hz (12dB/oct.)
- Adjustable LF Shelving, 0 / -4 / -2 / +2dB
- Adjustable HF Shelving, 0 / -4 / -2 / +2dB
- Parametric filter (160Hz), adjustable, 0 / -2 / -4 / -6dB
- Power ON/OFF switch, mains voltage selector
- STANDBY/ON switch

Indicators :

Power ON / OFF LED
Standby / ON LED
Audio Clip LED

Woofer :

6.5" Focal drive unit, Polyglass cone

Tweeter :

Aluminum/Magnesium inverted dome Focal tweeter

Shielding :

Integral by cancellation magnet

Construction :

Reinforced and damped Aluminum cabinet

Finish :

Black powder coating

Dimensions with spikes :

358.5 x 241 x 231mm - (14.1" x 9.5" x 9.1")

Dimensions with table stand :

368.5 x 241 x 231mm - (14.5" x 9.5" x 9.1")

Net weight :

10.5kg - (23lb)