Caroline Guitar Company Haymaker Dynamic Overdrive - Grey  From Caroline Pedals

New Overdrive from Caroline Guitar Company! From Glassy to Ripping Distortion, an Incredibly Versatile and Dynamic Overdrive.

Caroline Guitar Company

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Within 5 minutes of turning this pedal on I had gone from a sparkling, subtle overdrive to a nice, dirty boost to a beautiful, blooming distortion. Give your single coils a little more hustle and your humbuckers a little spank, depending on your settings. If there is a tone to be had, you can find it in this little box.

Manufacturer's Description from Caroline Pedals

From the first day we began making pedals in fall of 2010, we received requests to build clones of well known overdrives such as the Klon Centaur, Timmy, and Tube Screamer. We were never interested in pursuing that kind of work. Those great pedals are already out there, and for us to make something worthy of replacing one of them on our personal boards, it would take more than just putting our name on another maker’s design. We weren’t going to make and release an overdrive until we came up with our own thing that we liked even more.

After implementing an overdrive preamp in our Kilobyte® Lo-Fi delay, we decided to finally make our ultimate overdrive engine, the Haymaker™. Prepare to be shocked at its character, range, versatility, and power. Easily capable of going from open, glassy flavors of boost to classic overdrive sounds that sound like an extension of your amplifier character, Haymaker can then go even further into high gain territory. Three switchable modes allow you to decide how the pedal responds to a broad range of settings and changes with your pick attack and volume control. That’s what we mean by “dynamic drive”.

From transparent punch to touch-sensitive amp-like textures and fuzzy blast that’s rich in color, Haymaker has it all: it’s capable of stacking great and complementing your other drives, it’s made by hand in our small-batch distortery, and features a gorgeous powder coated 1590BB “big boy” enclosure with top-loading jacks to take up less pedalboard real estate. What are you waiting for, sound clips?

Caroline Guitar Company

About Manufacturer

We care because we know you do. The innovative music industry companies of the 1970s and ’80s hand crafted products that could last forever, were easy to maintain, could survive the hazards of the road, and sounded great. Now, imagine if one of those companies opened a satellite office in Columbia, S.C. and never bothered to tell that office that they went out of business or decided to offshore everything. Your pedal is built by touring and former pros at our “small batch distortery” who are crazy about classic pedals and the great work of our competitors. That being said, we love ours even more. Everything we have designed and will design begins as something we wished was out there for our own setups. After a LOT of revising, it becomes worthy of yours.

We had a million reasons to decide against doing this, just like you have a million excuses not to rock out. The same bravery that motivated you to take up playing is what motivated us to start building our first prototypes. Like you, we believe in genuine rock and roll fun, danger, courage, passion, commitment, and the thrill of hearing and seeing what you have dared to dream made real. These are the values that we share with our customers, and we are committed to doing our part towards getting you the most out of that experience. The rest is up to you.

While we are often asked if our start-up will become a success, we believe that every pedal we get to make for our customers is a success. Our work is dreamed, designed, and created in Columbia, South Carolina. We are proud that every pedal is hand-wired here in the USA, and we are also proud to say that we are committed to top-notch customer service and getting you fired up to play music.

Caroline Guitar Company is a proud member of the USC/Columbia Technology Incubator. Since its inception in November 1998, the USCCTI has provided opportunities for entrepreneurs to commercialize their ideas, produced successful, financially viable and freestanding businesses, and created hundreds of additional jobs in the community.



Mode A is set for classic soft clipped overdrive, but with extra bass and gain available on top

Mode B is less compressed with more volume, and capable of clear, powerful output for slamming an amp

Mode C is hard clipped drive, capable of going into distorted and fuzzy textures at higher gain settings

PUNCH controls the amount of gain and drive in the circuit. More punch = more crunch

SHAPE refines the frequency response and amount of grit. Think of it as controlling how much "hair" is in the drive

STACKS is a low-pass filter that controls the amount of high-end treble content in the distorted output

The SPEAKER is the overall effected volume. Consider yourself warned - this pedal has a LOT of volume on top (especially in Mode B)

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