Apogee Digital Big Ben Studio Clock  From Apogee

One of the biggest names in the studio clocking world, the Big Ben is Apogee's flagship Mastering quality 192k master digital clock.

Apogee Digital

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Manufacturer's Description from Apogee

Big Ben, the worlds most revolutionary Master Clock, features Apogee’s legendary clocking technology and much more into one standalone unit. Supporting all sample rates and offering clocking technologies, “C777” and “Adaptive Loop Filtering” (ALF), Big Ben is the most stable, low jitter clock available. Big Ben will synchronize all digital equipment in the recording environment bringing clarity, depth and accuracy to recording and mixing that will be heard immediately.


Providing incredible flexibility with available formats of AES, S/PDIF, Optical, six (6) Word Clock outs and an expansion slot of the X-Video option card, Big Ben will synchronize any studio and provide format conversion simultaneously.


Adaptive Loop Filtering (ALF)

ALF maximizes Big Ben’s clocking ability with an intelligent low pass filter. With the C777 creating all incoming signals into data (1’s and 0’s) Big Ben is able to dynamically compensate for excessive jitter and even improve already acceptable clock signals to levels unattainable until now. No matter what your input looks like, ALF can adapt and overcome all obstacles to create a stable, reliable, low jitter clock source.


Big Ben for live sound

Big Ben will make a big difference in the recording studio but can also bring serious improvement when mixing Front of House and Monitors for a live performance. Clock your favorite digital mixing console like the Yamaha PM5D, AVID VENUE, DiGiCo SD8 and others to Big Ben and hear your system gain clarity, depth and imaging. It’s truly as simple as connecting a single BNC cable. Also clock your CD-R recorders, digital reverb units and other digital devices along with your digital console for improved sound quality across your entire rig.

Apogee Digital

About Manufacturer

Apogee was founded in 1985 and initially made its name designing filters. Later, Apogee's complete conversion systems pushed the envelope of digital audio quality and solved many of the early problems with digital audio technology. Apogee converters have become regarded as the reference standard for digital audio conversion. Products such as the award-winning Rosetta 800, AD16x and DA16x  have become the modern benchmark by which digital audio conversion is judged. A new generation of Apogee products including the revolutionary Symphony I/O, with its modular design and flexible connectivity,  promise to extend the Apogee legacy and further advance the art of digital audio.



▪AES, S/PDIF, Optical I/O - Word Clock/Video In - 6 Word Clock Outs

▪Optional X-Video expansion card to provide master video sync generator

▪Realtime format conversion between all digital formats

▪Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) using Apogee´s C777 Clock Technology up to 

                        192 kHz                             

▪Adaptive Loop Filtering (ALF) to optimize clock performance and minimize jitter

▪Three stage Termination Sensing for each word clock output


▪2 x AES-EBU on XLR 44.1k-192k single-wide and 88.2 k–192k double-wide.

▪S/PDIF optical on TOS-LINK 44.1-48k

▪S/PDIF coaxial on RCA 44.1-192k

▪ADAT 44.1-48k

▪ADAT/SMUX II for 88.2-96k

▪ADAT/SMUX IV for 176.4-192k

▪Word Clock BNC 44.1 –192k


▪Optional video sync (X-Video card)


▪2 x AES-EBU on XLR single or double wide 44.1-192k

▪S/PDIF coaxial 44.1-192k

▪S/PDIF optical on TOS-LINK 44.1-48k

▪6 x BNC Word Clock 44.1-192k (of which 2 can output 256fs at low sample rates)




▪Optional video sync (X-Video card)


▪Sample rates: 44.1/48-88.2-96-176-192 . All +/- 10%

▪Video: PAL/NTSC/60Hz

▪"SuperClock" (256fs)

▪Pull up/down 0.1% and 4% from any sample rate

▪Apogee´s new Ultra Low Jitter C777 clock

▪Three stage termination indicator (under/correct/over) on each

▪Word Clock output:

▪"SureLock" technology for drop out prevention

▪4 digit numeric true sample rate indication

▪Universal power: 15 W 90-250 VAC 50-60 HZ





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