Antelope Audio Edge Strip (Discrete MP + Edge Bundle)  From Antelope

The fantastic Edge modeling mic with the digitally controlled Discrete Mic Preamp can no only recreate some of the most revered microphones but EQ and compression processors as well

Antelope Audio


Retail:  $1,295.00

"Experience the Difference"

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Manufacturer's Description from Antelope

Introducing the new Edge Strip — an all-in-one solution for high-quality studio recordings with vintage analog sound.

This compact package delivers the same audio quality as a locker full of vintage mics and a rack full of outboard gear. The days of spending tens of thousands of dollars on a vintage mic collection are over. Most engineers only ever dream of using such expensive microphones. The Edge Strip makes that dream a reality. Now you can add high-end studio equipment to your collection for a fraction of the price.The Edge Strip is designed to model a variety of vintage microphones, preamps, and even signal processors such as EQs and compressors. It contains Antelope Audio’s renowned Edge Modeling Microphone — a dual-capsule condenser large-diaphragm microphone, specifically designed to reproduce the expressiveness and character of expensive classic microphones.It also includes the Discrete MP — an all-analog dual-channel microphone pre-amplifier, designed to deliver Antelope’s signature pristine audio quality.
Edge Strip owners also enjoy a package of free native effects plug-ins, including a compressor designed by Antelope Audio’s founder Igor Levin — the Stay Levin.
Discrete Analog Design

The Edge Strip bundle offers natural analog sound, combined with the benefits of precise digital control.
The Discrete MP includes two XLR+TRS combo inputs, as well as two TRS outputs. The discrete analog circuits in the Discrete MP offer up to 61dB of maximum gain, and total control over the coloration, clarity, and character of the preamps.Meanwhile, the USB connection offers a simple way to control the Edge Strip remotely, from the comfort of your computer.Each Edge Modeling Microphone consists of a special double-sided capsule with 3 microns gold sputtered membranes. This allows us to accomplish multi-dimensional modeling and emulate a variety of different microphones, polar patterns and even control the proximity effect.
Experience EDGE at its maximum

Antelope Audio’s engineering team designed the Discrete MP to perfectly match the character of the Edge Modeling Microphone.Both Discrete MP and Edge Modeling Microphone are fully analog, which means they’ll work with any system. Thanks to its dedicated calibration oscillator, Discrete MP is easily adaptable to all studio setups, even those without precise gain linking between two channels. When connecting to a new system, simply engage the built-in oscillator to calibrate the Discrete MP for perfect gain staging.

Pristine sound under the hood

Use the Discrete MP to capture the tone of your favorite mic in crystal clear detail. Or, pair the Edge Modeling Microphone with your favorite preamp to create unique sounds.However, using the Discrete MP with the Edge Modeling Microphone unlocks its full potential. Both units utilize discrete analog circuitry and were designed by Igor Levin himself to complement each other perfectly.By using the free native plug-ins, you can audition countless combinations of microphones, preamps, and vintage outboard gear to get the perfect tone. 

Special AFX

The Edge Strip bundle includes our custom AFX signal processors, including a growing list of superior microphone emulations, bringing field-proven microphone legends into your setup. The AFX experts, in cooperation with analog engineers and mic designers, developed these microphone emulations.
The Edge Strip includes 4 vintage mic emulations: Berlin 47 FT, Berlin 87, Berlin 67 and Tokyo 800T, as well as 3 classic German preamp emulations: Antelope V76, Giraffe G9 and BAE 1073 MP. Our famous Stay-Levin compressor, and a vintage BAE 1073 EQ also help you sculpt the perfect tone – all for free! However, if that’s not enough, you can upgrade with dozens of other modeled units featured in our FPGA FX library.Bring your recordings to life using the remarkable sounds of vintage gear. Hear the past and record the future with Antelope’s native DSP effects. Each plug-in uses a high degree of oversampling and precise floating-point calculations to accurately model vintage effects with unparalleled detail. Even when emulating microphones, preamps, and signal processors, you can breathe easy, knowing the Edge Strip offers minimal latency, and Antelope Audio’s signature sound.Pick up an Edge Strip today, and say goodbye to your bulky vintage gear!
All plug-ins are iLok protected. An iLok is required in order to use them. iLok is not provided by Antelope Audio and must be purchased separately.
Antelope Audio

About Manufacturer

Digital clarity | Analog warmth
Antelope Audio has packed more then 20 years’ experience in digital audio, clocking and analog circuit development. We are dedicated to helping people achieve high-definition sound both in the recording studio and home environment.
Our 20 years in the industry brought us to the development of our 4th generation of Acoustically Focused Clocking (AFC) jitter management algorithm, responsible for our flawless clocking. You probably know it from Antelope’s signature crystal-based master clocks, that clock even our competitors products.


Discrete MP specs

Analog Inputs

  • 2 x Mic Inputs (combo 3-pin)
  • Mic (XLR only): max 20dBu balanced
  • Mic input impedance : 1.2kOhm
  • Line (1/4 /TRS/ only): max 29dBu balanced
  • Line input impedance : 21kOhm
Analog Outputs
  • 2 x TRS (22 dBu max)
  • Output impedance: 56 ohms
Digital Connectivity
  • USB 2.0 I/O with Type B connector – only used for remote control
Mic Preamp Gain
  • Remotely controlled, digitally adjustable Gain, preset Gain – press and turn the button to set the preset gain, or just click it to set the gain to the preset number.
  • Gain Range: 0dB to 61dB; 1dB step
  • 48V Phantom Power
Callibration Oscillator
  • Calibration oscillator of 6dBu @ 1kHz for accurate gain calibration
THD + N (Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise):
  • -106.0 dB @ 10 dBu, 1kHz sine, 50 ohm balanced input
EIN (Equivalent Input Noise):
  • -128 dBu (A – weighted)
Freq Response:
  • 10Hz – 200kHz /-3dB @ 200kHz/
Dynamic Range:
  • Dynamic range = -126 dBu
Dimensions (Approx)
  • Width: 190 mm
  • Height: 46.5 mm
  • Depth: 157 mm
Operating Temperature
  • 0-50°C, 32-122°F
  • Unit weight: 950 grams
  • Adaptor weight: 180 grams
  • Total weight: 1130 grams
Power Consumption
  • 5W

Edge specs 


  • Condenser (Double sided with 10 microns gold sputtered membranes)

Freq. Response:

  • 20HZ ~ 20KHZ


  • -116dB

Power Requirements:

  • 48V DC Phantom Power

 In The Box 

  • DiscreteMP

  • Edge microhpone

  • Microphone cable /5pin -> 2 x 3pin/

  • Shock mount

  • Pop filter

  • Power supply

  • USB cable

  • Quick Start Guide and Upgrade Guide

  • Serial numbers and authorisation codes