Sound Pure pro audio specialists Travis Hall and David Barrett showcase a simple 4-mic setup for recording drums. This mic setup aims to capture the whole set as a single instrument, and is perfect for capturing David’s intimate playing style with brushes, bringing out the detail of the performance. David and Travis go over their mic choices for the recording, and how the characteristics of each mic help enhance David’s playing and the qualities of the instrument.

For the kick drum, a Peluso 2247 SE was selected for its large bottom-end. This helps emphasize the fundamental of the kick drum. For the snare, David and Travis went for a very atypical choice: a Peluso P-67. This mic is detailed in the mid-range and helped emphasize the snare. A more typical choice would have been a dynamic mic, but with brush playing, this large diaphragm condenser tube mic was a nice choice that brought out more of the detail of the performance. Peluso P-84s were chosen as the overhead mics. These small diaphragm condenser microphones are fantastic clones of the vintage Neumann KM84. They give a natural sound with a little bit of warmth and tone.

The sound clips are presented with and without processing so you can hear the dry, unprocessed mix direct from the mics, and a little more polished mix to take the recording to the next level. Reach out to us if you have any questions about the setup or the mics used!