We have found a treasure of a microphone preamp in Sebatron’s Axis 200VU!

Considering how reasonable this mic pre is, we expected the quality to have a fair amount of saturation/grunge. However, this mic preamp is clean, clear, and open, which is incredible especially given that it is competitively priced. The Axis 200VU is also able to deliver professional-caliber, high-voltage tube saturation that gives you classic tube warmth and roundness without a loss of low end focus. This Sebatron preamp is one of the few preamps we’ve found that provides professional quality, clarity, and transparency that is suitable for both acoustic and classical artists. The Sebatron Axis is a cost-effective, professional quality tool that will compliment any style or form of music very well.

The Axis presents you with not only a practical and neutral audio-amplifying device, but one that can provide an enhancement of the audio signal only achieved through equipment costing many thousands of dollars more. It provides a sonic palette to turn the recording process into an artform. In addition, this unit does not have chips, so it is inherently more difficult to damage with an incorrect interface.

We’ve used the Sebatron Axis 200VU microphone preamp in a lot of sessions with a wide variety of instruments and are thrilled with the results! Check out our YouTube page to see the Sebatron in action in more videos.