The Aurora(n) Series is a reimagining of Lynx’s Aurora converters, which have been one of THE most trusted converters in professional studios for the past decade. The new units feature upgraded A/D and D/A converters utilizing the same technology that led the Hilo to the front of the pack. With modular connectivity via Lynx’s existing (and expanding) selection of L-Slot cards you don’t have to worry about these units becoming obsolete like that old firewire interface you used 5 years ago. These new Aurora(n)’s come in 8, 16, 24 and 32 channel varieties and will be upgradable to add mic preamps, analog summing and additional digital I/O in the coming months.

In this video series, Sound Pure pro audio specialists Chuck Giardino and Marc Kuzio discuss the ins and outs of the new Aurora(n) series. Contact us today to learn more about these cutting-edge converters, we’d love to tell you more!