Looking for a unique small diaphragm tube microphone? The Lauten Torch is modern made and perfect for different types of applications. The Torch is very different from so many mics we have heard. It’s a great addition to any mic locker due to its unique design and sound. At Sound Pure, we put the ST-221 mic pairs through their paces on acoustic guitars, toms, amps, trumpets, and more. Even though small diaphragm mics are known for having a weak low end, Lauten Audio has designed the Torches with a boosted low end to give it a darker, richer tone not typically heard with other small diaphragm mics. The Torches still retain their fast transient response. This combination of a boosted low end and fast transient response will open new doors to what kind of sounds you can capture with small diaphragm mics.

The Torches have both omnidirectional and cardioid capsules to give you more flexibility. Listen to our classical trumpet demo with the Torches, where we experiment with three different microphone setups using different combinations of the polar patterns. They have high SPL handling and a large dynamic range, which allows you to record powerful sources such as amps, horns, or even kick drums. Mounting comes easy since custom-made shock mounts, hard mounts, and the mounting bar are all included with your purchase. Pick up the ST-221 Torch today at Sound Pure to get the incredible sound you’ve been searching for in your studio recording and performances.

UPDATE: These mics have now been discontinued!! We’re happy to suggest a replacement in this price range and quality for your needs.