Simply put, this is a must-have preamp for anyone doing virtually any type of music production in their studios. The ability to change the speed and response of the transient content, and dial in 2nd and 3rd order harmonics at the twist of a few knobs is simply revolutionary!

Dave Hill has been building the highest quality studio components for decades, and the Europa was him taking his knowledge from pieces like the HEDD, the Ibis and Flamingo and wrapping it up into 1 amazing preamp. The Europa 1 is not like the old Focusrite Liquid Channel, claiming to be a Neve, UA, Millennia and everything else in one box. Instead, the Europa is one of the highest quality preamps in production, allowing you total control of transient response as well as color from harmonics.  

Whether you are a vocal overdub studio, looking for that one preamp to get you set up, or a studio with every color and flavor of preamp under the sun, the Europa will be one of your BEST performers.  Give us a call and let us send you one to try, you won’t regret it!