One of the more important aspects of your electric guitar choice is your pickups, so it’s good to keep in mind their tonal and practical differences. Using the Tyler Studio Elite Retro guitar with the JTS2 Hot Laura Single Coil Pickups, and the Nash T-72 DLX with the Fender Wide Range Dual Humbucker Pickups, we demonstrate the tonal and practical differences between these two pickups and show the amazing sound you can achieve from each type. Many single coil pickups will be a little noisy when they are played at higher amplifier volumes or played with a lighter touch. The result you get is a slight hum. The single coil is bright and present and in S- style guitars has a bell-like quality. For a thicker overall sound and to rid yourself of most background hum, then you may be interested in humbucker pickups. Humbuckers can be used in the same style music as single coil pickups, they just give off more bass and tonal qualities. The middle and bass frequencies are different from a single coil, and that will be the first difference you recognize. Give us a call if you have any questions!