In this episode of Gear Tips, Sound Pure acoustic guitar specialist Derek Lebo answers questions that are frequently asked regarding humidity and guitars.

The best range to keep guitars in is 45-55% relative humidity. 40-60% is the wide range you want to be in and if you seem to hover above 50%, or struggle to maintain 40%, then you may have to look into products to help keep a healthy humidity in the case. You can discover the humidity levels in your room by using a hygrometer. You can find a hygrometer in-store or online for just a few bucks in some cases! On the occasion that you store your guitars in a large room, try placing a few hygrometers around the space for the most accurate reading of the humidity level. If the humidity level in your room is in the extreme, here are a few tips to keep your guitars safe and sound.

One option to control the effects of humidity on your guitar is to get an in-case humidifier. A variety of companies such as D’Addarío or Oasis provide these products for your guitars. A great option is to purchase a sponge model that keeps the moisture present in the case and replace it as needed. Another option is to purchase a two-way pack that is placed by the headstock and the sound hole of your guitar. If you are storing your guitars in a basement with high humidity, it is best to find a small area that you can close off and place a dehumidifier in the room to control the humidity levels. When you are experiencing the opposite problem where the room is dry, you can purchase a humidifier to raise the humidity levels in the area. At the end of the day you want to do your best to avoid large spikes below or above that 40-50% range, and find a spot to store your instrument that measures and stays in that range.

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