In this episode of Eddie’s Corner, Sound Pure electric guitar specialist Eddie Berman provides some insight on how to play scales from a horizontal standpoint, helping you break out of your comfort zone of vertical pentatonic scales.

E D B A G is the pattern of the Em Pentatonic scale that we know and love. But what if we could take that scale and spread it across the neck to maximize the full tonal potential of the guitar? Eddie Berman explains that you can take the boxes or bridges that you are accustomed to, and shift them to certain locations from open to the twelfth fret. Each note you play is available across the neck and can provide a warmer or brighter tone in certain locations.

Check out Eddie’s video for the full secrets on how to find the tone you want, anywhere on the neck, and be sure to view more fantastic guitar tips from our “Eddie’s Corner” series!

The Em Pentatonic Scale String By String