Sound Pure percussion specialist Paul Spencer explains how different types of drumstick tips can affect your drum and cymbal sound. Each type of drumstick-tip type is going to have a different effect.

Teardrop-shaped tips will give you a really focused low-end sound with a lot of warmth and darkness. Oval tips are going to give you the most well-rounded frequency response, with an even spread of mids, highs, and lows. Acorn tips will give you a sound that is full, rich, and fat. Barrel tips will give you a sound that has punch and is loud, while round tips will give you clean, bright, and articulate sound.

It’s also important to consider the material that your tip is made out of. A wooden tip is going to be a lot warmer and a lot darker than, say, a nylon tip, which gives a harder, brighter, more articulate sound. Take a listen to hear the differences!

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