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Tonephile Puredrive Tweed Transparent Overdrive Pedal  From Tonephile

Brilliantly transparant overdrive pedal! Great new logo and front plate on this new limited run!

Tonephile Effects Pedals

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What We Think

It's been a long time coming, but after the guys at TonePhile reverse engineered the original Puredrive pedal, the new and improved version is finally available! Limited to about 10 pieces. and we have the very first run!

This tweed wrapped drive pedal is a new essential pedal for the pro guitarist. Brilliantly transparent and ultimately versatile. The decibel cut on both bass and treble don't make for a muddy tone, just cuts some of the frequencies for a darker, fusion-like drive. Dial the treble all the way up for a searing tweed lead tone. Serious ear-candy!

Please take a look at the three demo videos we have for this pedal and be sure to contact Sound Pure with any questions.

Sound Pure can send you the high resolution audio files from the recording sessions for a much closer listen. Just ask!

Tonephile Puredrive Overdrive Pedal

The Tonephile Puredrive Pedal is demonstrated at Sound Pure by Sound Pure Director of Guitar Sales Chris Boerner. It is the flagship overdrive unit of Tonephile's line of boutique guitar pedals, yielding unparalleled sound purity & clarity. With a built in high and low EQ circuit, there are infinite boutique tonal possibilities, usable for many musical requirements. It has articulate and tasteful break-up and very evenly-balanced voicings, the Puredrive can sing or spank. This wonderful pedal is available for purchase through Sound Pure, always available to answer any questions you have about guitars, tone, recording gear, and the recording process. Call Sound Pure toll free 888-528-9703, or e-mail them at sales@soundpure.com

Manufacturer's Description from Tonephile

Our flagship product, the Puredrive, is intended to be a high-quality, pure overdrive unit. Our tonal intentions were to create an incredibly transparent break-up that doesn't mask the most important part of a player's chain -- their fingers. On the other hand, what we didn't want to do was provide a break-up that never adds character nor ever serves the player's tone. Through a unique signal path, high-quality parts, and an ultra clean power supply, we feel like we've achieved that balance between clarity and color.

Moreover, we also felt like the largest deficiencies in many of the boutique drive units out there was a need to pay attention to user interface. Most units out there make it difficult to get the sound you want, especially since boutique overdrive pedals typically leave you hanging with tons of switches and toggles that are enigmatically named such things as "love," "jive," or "hype."

Our keyword here is "intuitive." We feel that after using our pedal for just a few minutes, dialing in the tone that you're looking for can be something quite predictable.

We have also found that other boutique pedals only sound their best in one single position - the infamous "sweet spot." At our last pedal demo (with Terry McInturff, one of the leading high-end electric guitar makers in the nation), it became very evident that our entire pedal was one gigantic sweet spot. We wanted the Puredrive to sound amazing in all gain ranges and coupled with the most unique eq circuit that we have ever seen in a pedal, we believe we've achieved a tone that sounds good in any setting with any guitar. We have high standards for the quality of our work and we're pretty confident that both our visual presentation and our sonic qualities represent those standards.

Tonephile Effects Pedals

About Manufacturer

Here at Tonephile, we like to think that despite what life has thrown at us, we have great gear. No regular paying jobs? Thatýs all right, we got great gear. No girlfriend? Shoot, who cares? Our gear is awesome. Sadly, it didnýt quite get this way overnight.

It took years of depression, maladjusted lifestyles, and piles of credit card debt to get it just right. Add in several years of Young modifying anything he could get his hands on and several embarrassing years for myself thinking that the best tone on earth was a brand name Phaser, and you have an environment ripe for tone enlightenment.

Fortunately for all us, about six months ago, God gave us inspiration. Why mod our gear when we can just make better? Since then, we assembled the Tonephile team (Young, Sam and Isaac) and have been working hard to perfect our unique circuit design, our enclosureýs look and feel, and our overall strategies for how to take our sound and share it with the world.

To that end, we have settled on fulfilling a single commitment as a company to deliver the purest and highest quality tone to musicians and music lovers across the globe.

Our wish is to be uncompromising in our pursuit of quality in everything that we do and make - including getting the most tone out of our products. Above all else, however, we are devoted to the making of music, not to just the making of gear.

Moreover, we're committed to keeping our valuable community in the loop with the latest news. We'd love for you to join us!