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Sebatron Nitrous FET Compressor  From Sebatron

A versatile workhorse solid state FET compressor from Australian-based Sebatron. 


Manufacturer's Description from Sebatron

NITROUS is a single channel Solid State line-level FET audio compressor designed to have the flexibility to go from brick wall peak limiting to smooth round compression. Features include a variable High Pass Filter for the Side-Chain, fully variable Attack/Release and Ratio and a ?Tight? switch that changes the character of the compression curve to a slightly more ?aggressive? response. Nitrous also features a switchable external Control Voltage input for accurate stereo processing between two units?.. Both electronically balanced and unbalanced inputs and outputs are provided.

Nitrous also features an accurate switchable LED VU and Gain reduction display.

Unlike many other hardware compressors out there in the market today, Nitrous does not use any VCA chips and so has its own distinctive sound and dynamic behaviour. The audio path is completely discrete and utilizes high voltage, low noise transistors in Class A mode to perform all gain and operational duties, giving a bandwidth extending out to 110kz and beyond. As the audio path is minimal and transparent, the unit can also be used as a high quality line level booster or general audio gain amp by using the toggled gain control on the left.

The external Control Voltage input and select switch allows the user to connect a pair of Nitrous or Proxima together for true accurate Stereo compressing . Either unit can become Master or Slave?. Or both ?.


About Manufacturer

Unique high-quality organic valve and class-A solid state studio equipment. No integrated circuits. Made in Australia.