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Sebatron SMAC Stereo Musical Audio Compressor  From Sebatron

Sebatron's beautifully musical stereo compressor is a workhorse powerhouse for both mixing and tracking. 



Retail:  $2,200.00

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What We Think

Not all opto compressors were created equal, and it just so happens that the SMAC pushes optical detection in a whole other direction. Traditionally, this type of compressor is found with minimal controls and reacts much slower than other types of compressor (think La-2a). The SMAC has a lot more control, but maintains the gentle nature that you'd expect from an opto. The SMAC, thanks to its dual-servo design, is capable of grabbing onto peaks much more quickly than most opto's, and has a brilliant way of adding polish and sheen to any track that passes through. 

This is a great tool to have for each step of the recording process. It's great for tracking vocals, guitars, piano, etc but it will also prove its worth on your mix bus - pulling together all the individual pieces and making them sound like a unified song.

Sebatron Audio- SMAC compressor overview

The Sebatron SMAC compressor stands alone in quality , build , and capabilities and here's why ...-Dual servo optical audio compression-A discrete transparent audio path-Relay driven true bypass-High voltage rails for a wide dynamic range-Two modes of linked stereo compression-Completely variable Threshold, ratio, attack , and release-Pump switch for extreme compression-Wide scale and accurate VU metering for output levels , and gain reductionIf you need a hi-quality dual Mono or Stereo bus compressor , the Sebatron SMAC compressor , is the one for you.

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    • Sebatron SMAC Stereo Musical Audio Compressor

Manufacturer's Description from Sebatron

SMAC is a Stereo Musical Audio Compressor (or two channel mono) that uses optical gain reduction cells (two per channel or ‘dual-servo’) to perform quality transparent audio compression, peak limiting, and automatic audio leveling control.

Due to the dual-servo optical based design, the dynamic behavioural characteristics of SMAC lie somewhere between the classic Optical type compressors and the later VCA type compressors. Depth, image, and sonics are all preserved while the dynamics and transients of the signal can be contoured and manipulated to suit any tracking, mixing, and/or mastering requirements.

Compression can be fine tuned to be anything from ‘smooth and subtle’ to ‘drastic and squashed’. SMAC has the ability to quickly and flawlessly handle any compression application.

Compression activity and amount are totally variable and the Class A make-up gain stage is transparent providing ample gain to offset heavy amounts of level reduction. This gives SMAC a multitude of creative possibilities.

Compression ratio amount is completely adjustable right up to infinity with greater than infinity ratios attainable through a unique switch setting called 'pump'.  Extensive compression envelope flexibility is also provided via the standard variable attack and release dials, as well as an incorporated envelope time factor control toggle switch called, 'norm/tight/swim'. Each of these innovative settings has a whole range of applications, from dealing with fast transients (such as drums or percussion), to dealing with slower signals (such as vocals or bass).

To facilitate stereo mix processing, two modes of stereo channel linking are provided: ‘dual-mono with channel one master’ and ‘stereo link’. These two modes are ideal for any stereo mix buss or sub-group compression requirements where stereo spatial width needs to be harnessed and maintained.With the 'Channel 1 master' setting the Two channels are driven by one set of dials thus eliminating any excessive time in setting up the Two channels to operate accurately matched for Stereo.

SMAC also features two large analog VU style meters which can be individually used to monitor output level or accurately display any gain reduction that is taking place  during compression.

Utilizing solid state topology, the SMAC audio path is completely Class A and discrete. For maximum headroom, all active components run on a +60V rail. This gives SMAC a wide open sound that is tight and accurate from deep bottom end to steller highs. Like all Sebatron products currently available,there are no integrated circuits (or ‘chips’) in the design.

Whether operating in high end professional recording studios, home recording setups, or live music venues and productions, SMAC is designed to be the perfect quality stereo compressor.



About Manufacturer

Unique high-quality organic valve and class-A solid state studio equipment. No integrated circuits. Made in Australia.



Maximum input: +20db

Maximum Output: +20db

External sidechain input maximum input: +10db

Compression range: 25 db

Maximum Compression with ‘pump’: 60 db

Maximum output makeup gain: 28db

Ratio range: 1.5 to infinity

Minimum Attack time: 1ms

Maximum Attack time: 800ms

Minimum Release time: 20ms

Maximum Release time: 3secs.