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Royer Labs SF-1 Ribbon Microphone Matched Pair - Used  From Royer

Matched pair of Royer SF1s


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Royer Labs

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What We Think

The SF-1, although not the best seller in the Royer line is in some ways the little secret of the line. Of the group, the SF-1 is perhaps Royers most natural and flat performing microphone, as well as the most detailed. One important engineer discovered that the unique ability of the SF-1 to take unprecedented amounts of high-EQ boosting, has made it an amazing choice for vocals. Coupling the SF-1 with a nice EQ allows it to bring out incredible airiness, and open-ness not normally attributed with ribbons (due to their tendency to roll-off the high end), as well as achieve the brightness without the harshness (because of the extremely smooth sonic nature of ribbon microphones). Although these microphones are an absolute dream for classical applications, particularly winds, the new "discovery" of this mics performance for lead vocals in conjunction with a great EQ will likely make this one a new favorite among the line when the word finally gets out. If you are looking for an amazing vocal sound (and what that is unique to most of your competitors), this is one to add to the locker!

Manufacturer's Description from Royer

The SF-1 is an ultra-compact, monaural ribbon microphone, exhibiting flat frequency response and a well-balanced, panoramic sound field. The SF-1 has superb transient response due to its ultra low-mass 1.8-micron ribbon assembly. Frequency response is excellent regardless of the angle of sound striking the ribbon, and off-axis coloration is negligible.

The heart of the SF-1 is it's ribbon transducer proprietary cross-field motor assembly. Comprised of four powerful Neodymium magnets and Permendur iron pole-pieces, the cross-field design assures the shortest front-to-rear ribbon path length for best high frequency response. The case is fashioned from ingot iron and forms the magnetic return circuit, an effective system with low leakage flux which accounts for the relatively high sensitivity in a trim package.


No internal active electronics to overload or produce distortion up to maximum SPL rating.
Extremely low residual noise Ribbon element not affected by heat or humidity
Absence of high frequency phase distortion
Equal sensitivity from front and back of element.
Consistent frequency response regardless of distance
Very low magnetic leakage
High efficiency toroid matching transformer and gold plated output connector
Ultra compact package
Matte Black Chrome finish reduces reflected light for on-camera use.

Recommended Applications

Choir, Orchestra, String Sections
Overhead and Distance miking
Brass Instruments - Horn Sections Woodwinds, flute and other reed instruments.
Acoustic Piano, Harp.
Violin, cello and other stringed instruments
Percussion Instruments
Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo

Royer Labs

About Manufacturer

After years of designing and manufacturing microphones in Los Angeles, David Royer teamed up with Rick Perrotta, former President and co-founder of the prestigious Matchless Guitar Amplifier Company, and together with studio owner Rafael Villafane and musician/marketing director John Jennings, formed Royer Labs, a California based company dedicated to the development and production of high quality ribbon microphones and transducer elements. DAVID ROYER Best known for his ribbon mics, David has designed countless other mics and outboard devices that are in use throughout numerous LA studios. When David's not designing new gear, his idea of fun is climbing desert mountains or pounding dirt roads in his new pickup. RICK PERROTTA Rick Perrotta's name may sound familiar - he and Rafael Villafane owned LA's Baby-O Recorders during the 80's, then Rick went on to co-found Matchless Guitar Amplifiers, where he was President and Production Chief of the prestigious amp line until 1995. At the helm of Royer Labs, Rick brings an extraordinary level of craftsmanship to every Royer microphone (hold one in your hand and you may never give it back!). JOHN JENNINGS John worked for years as a guitar player and singer, in the studio and on the road. He took an 8-year detour into the corporate world as VP Sales & Marketing for an LA communications firm, but came to his senses in 1996 and ditched the suit to get into pro-audio manufacturing and sales. John handles sales and marketing for Royer Labs. RAFAEL VILLAFANE Rafael Villafane co-founded Baby'O Recorders with Rick. He has produced a #1 and numerous top ten hits in the US and abroad. He drinks too much. Owns a club in Acapulco (Baby'O). If you can prove you own a Royer product, the first ten tequilas are on him---really. Drives too fast. Been doing a record for ten years he STILL can't finish. Has a six-second attention span. He torched a school with young pal Jeff "Skunk" Baxter in Mexico City when they were kids. What else? Oh yeah, he's Mexican... nobody's perfect. CHRIS PERROTTA As another co-founder of Matchless Amplifier Company, Chris was responsible for the high quality detail work that Matchless is famous for, including the light up "dashboard" and three dimensional logo. At Royer, Chris is the chief mechanical designer and another confirmed precision freak. Every Royer microphone owes its beauty and elegance to Chris wonderful interpretations of the designers art.

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