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Pork Pie 7x13 Beech Snare Drum-Movingui  From Pork Pie

Get the dark tones of Beech in this one-of-a-kind snare drum from Pork Pie. New for 2018!

Pork Pie Percussion

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What We Think

Pork Pie produces some of my favorite snare drums that have come through the shop, and this snare very quickly found a place in my heart. Beech is similar in hardness to Birch, but with a rougher grain, giving the wood dark, dry tone with plenty of projection. 7x13 snare drums are quickly becoming my favorites because of their versatility across tuning ranges, and this snare drum is a prime example. The 7" depth provides a full tonal body that is accentuated by the natural low-end of beech, while the 13" diameter serves to focus the sound, especially in higher tunings. Tuned low, this drum has a wonderfully fat and round response. Bringing the tension up a bit produces a dry midrange bark, while cranking up the tension to a high tuning gives the drum a quick, articulate attack.

The projection of this snare makes it excellent for rock and fusion players, while the dark and dry tone allows it to sit well in any mix, making it an enticing option for jazz players as well. This specific drum is the only one of its kind, so grab it before you miss out!


Pork Pie 7x13 Beech Snare Drum, Movingui Quick 'n' Dirty

In this video, Sound Pure drums specialist Barry Knain explains the various features of the Pork Pie 7x13 Beech Snare Drum with Movingui veneer and tests it out in several different tuning ranges.

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    • Pork Pie 7x13 Beech Snare Drum-Movingui

Manufacturer's Description from Pork Pie

Pork Pie drums use only the finest materials available for their sonic qualities. Bill Detamore, the owner, took his passion for playing drums and turned it into a flourishing business with 5 full-time employees. With sales worldwide, Bill and the crew at Pork Pie strive to make drums with nothing but quality in mind. Pork Pie drums have been used by some of the biggest recording acts around the world including Guns N Roses, Lucinda Williams, Daughtry, Courtney Love and many others. 

Pork Pie Percussion

About Manufacturer

In 1987, Bill Detamore started making drums as a hobby. He sold one, made two more, and so on. This evolved into some of the finest handmade drums available today. To take snare drums one step further, he introduced solid (one piece), exotic wood stave and plate brass designs. Pork Pie has also introduced their Little Squealer and Hip Pig series of drums to round out the line.

Over the years, Pork Pie has become the place where a drummer can hot rod an existing kit with new bearing edges, refinishing, or design the kit of their dreams. Bill's signature is on the inside of every Pork Pie USA drum. This is his guarantee of quality. Pork Pie's goal is your total satisfaction.


  • Beech Ply Shell
  • Movingui Veneer 
  • Precision-cut, hand-sanded bearing edges
  • Pork Pie hourglass lugs
  • 2.3m flanged hoops
  • Remo Drumheads