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Pork Pie 6x14 Maple Rosewood Snare Drum- Flat Grey Metallic  From Pork Pie

Pork Pie's 6x14 Maple/Rosewood snare drum is a combination great looks and sound. Flat Grey Metallic finish over a maple and rosewood shell.

Pork Pie Percussion

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What We Think

Hybrid shell drums have given drummers the ability to fine tune their sound with fresh blends of different materials without depleting their wallets. This Pork Pie snare plays to the hybrid concept with a blend of maple and rosewood. The shell is a 6x14 with 5 plies of maple outer veneers and 3 plies of Rosewood veneer on the interior. The Rosewood interior creates a smooth rich exotic tone and Pork Pie's 10 hourglass lugs will help keep an even stretch on heads whether you prefer the high or lower tunings. Complemented with a Flat Gray Metallic Lacquer and accented with chrome hardware, this Pork Pie snare drum sounds as good as it looks.

Pork Pie 6x14 Maple Rosewood Snare Drum- Flat Grey Metallic Quick n' Dirty

In this video, Sound Pure drums expert Barry Knain explains the various features of the Pork Pie 6x14 Maple Rosewood Snare, and tests it out in several different tuning ranges.

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    • Pork Pie 6x14 Maple Rosewood Snare Drum- Flat Grey Metallic

Manufacturer's Description from Pork Pie

Pork Pie custom drums are made by hand at the Pork Pie factory in Canoga Park California. Made to Pork Pie’s high standards using only the finest materials available in today’s market. Bill Detamore, the founder of Pork Pie is a hands-on owner. Bill handles all of the painting duties and edge cutting. The crew at Pork Pie follow Bill’s example of quality for every build.

Pork Pie bearing edges are known worldwide for bringing the most out of a drum. Standard with a 45 degree edge on the inside with a round over counter cut on the outside, snare drums sing with articulation and clarity. All edges are hand sanded and finished to perfection when a drum leaves the factory.


Pork Pie Percussion

About Manufacturer

In 1987, Bill Detamore started making drums as a hobby. He sold one, made two more, and so on. This evolved into some of the finest handmade drums available today. To take snare drums one step further, he introduced solid (one piece), exotic wood stave and plate brass designs. Pork Pie has also introduced their Little Squealer and Hip Pig series of drums to round out the line.

Over the years, Pork Pie has become the place where a drummer can hot rod an existing kit with new bearing edges, refinishing, or design the kit of their dreams. Bill's signature is on the inside of every Pork Pie USA drum. This is his guarantee of quality. Pork Pie's goal is your total satisfaction.


Pork Pie Maple/Rosewood Snare Drum Features:

  • Maple/ Rosewood shell
  • Pork Pie precision cut edges
  • 2.3 mm heavy duty hoops
  • Pork Pie Hourglass lugs
  • Remo heads