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Peluso Stereo CEMC6 Stereo Microphone Kit "Loaded"  From Peluso

Our favorite affordable pair of SDCs for 10 years running! This quality SDC set from John Peluso offers an impressive display of warmth and detail at a very friendly price point. The "Loaded" Kit includes your choice of two additional capsule pairs for even more recording versatility (Omni, Hyper-cardioid, and Wide-cardioid available, in addition to the standard cardioid capsules included).

Peluso Microphones


Retail:  $1,500.00

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Budget Friendly SCD Shootout: Peluso CEMC6 vs. Avantone CK-1 vs. Lauten LA123 Quick n' Dirty

In this video we present a budget friendly SDC microphone shootout using the Lauten Audio LA-120, the Avantone CK-1 and the Peluso CEMC6. Can you tell which one's which? If you are interested in hearing the results and/or getting ahold of the audio files from this shootout, give us a shout, we'd love to hear from you!

Manufacturer's Description from Peluso

The Peluso CEMC-6 is a solid-state small diaphragm condenser microphone. The CEMC-6 ships with a fixed cardioid pattern capsule with a 20-millimeter gold sputtered diaphragm. The capsule is easily swapped with additional capsules (not included) that provide omni-directional, cardioid, wide cardioid, or hyper-cardioid patterns. The CECM-6 features a 10 dB and 20dB pad switch and a two-position high pass filter with 75hz and 150hz settings. This is a very versatile microphone used in the studio for vocals and acoustic instruments to drum overheads. For the remote recorder this is a great mic for orchestras and live audience tapers. You'll always get great results from one of the most versatile best sounding small diaphragm mics on the market.

This kit features a pair of acoustically matched CEMC-6 microphones. We individually test and graph the frequency response for every microphone we make. Stereo matched pairs are hand selected to have identical frequency responses across the audible spectrum (±1dB).

Additional capsules with omni-directional, cardioid, wide cardioid, and hyper-cardioid patterns available.

KIT Includes Two Acoustically Matched CEMC-6 Microphones with Cardioid Capsules, Two ADDITIONAL pairs of Capsules, Two Shock Mounts, Two Hard Mounts, and Two Wind Screens all packed in a Flight Case.

Peluso Microphones

About Manufacturer

High-quality, yet surprisingly affordable microphones hand-built at Peluso Labs in Virgina, USA. Peluso Microphone Lab, featuring the new and exciting line of Tube and Solid State Peluso microphones, hand-made in the USA. Peluso has a full service repair lab, twenty-six years experience repairing and restoring all brands of vintage and modern microphones.


Type: Condenser Pressure Gradient w/ 20mm capsule

Frequency Range: 19Hz/25Khz

Polar Pattern: Cardioid w/ removable capsule

Sensitivity: 10mv/pa

Impedance: 200 ohms

SPL: 156 db w/ 20db pad

Equivalent Noise: 14db (A-weighted)

Power Requirements: Phantom - 48v +- 4v

Current Consumption: < 3.0 MA

Size: 22mm x 164mm

Weight: 134 g

Warranty: Peluso microphones are guaranteed against defects in material and workmanship for 3 years from date of purchase. Should you encounter any problem with this unit, promptly contact the company you purchased it from for assistance. The original dated sales receipt will be necessary for any warranty claim. Do not send any unit directly to Peluso Microphone Lab without prior authorization from our service department. Warranty coverage is limited to repair or replacement (at our option) of the microphone, and does not cover incidental damages due to use of this unit, nor damage caused by accidental misuse of this product.