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PDP 7x14 Limited Edition Classic Wood Hoop Snare Drum  From PDP

This PDP Limited Edition snare is an all-Maple shell with all maple wood hoops.

PDP Drums

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What We Think

This PDP Limited Edition wood hoop snare drum brings a new sound to the PDP snare drum family. At the heart of this drum is a thin all maple shell that delivers a tone that is as warm and throaty as it is articulate.The 7” depth adds to this deep tone but does not detract from the sensitivity. Held in place by DW’s MAG Throwoff, the copper snare wires allow this drum to excel across a wide dynamic range. Soft buzz rolls and cracking rim shots can be played with differing touches to equal effectiveness This drum is topped with all-maple wood hoops and vintage claw hooks. The addition of wood hoops opens up the tone of this drum to add a note of airiness and vintage resonance. Players looking to attain a classic tone at a modest price should look no further than this limited edition drum. 

PDP 7x14 Limited Edition Classic Wood Hoop Snare Drum Quick n' Dirty

In this video, Sound Pure drums specialist Barry Knain explains the various features of the PDP 7x14 Limited Edition Classic Wood Hoop Snare Drum, and tests it out in several different tuning ranges.

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    • PDP 7x14 Limited Edition Classic Wood Hoop Snare Drum

Manufacturer's Description from PDP

LTD Classic Wood Hoop Snare - Recently added under PDP Limited Edition banner is this all-Maple wood hoop drum. The tonality harkens back to vintage field drums and produces warm, dark backbeats for specific musical applications.  The all-maple wood hoops are fitted using low-profile, chrome plated steel claw hooks.  Other features include a MAG throw off, dual-turret lugs, copper snare wires and DW Heads by Remo. An affordable drum that adds a new tonal color to any snare drum arsenal.

PDP Drums

About Manufacturer

Pacific Drums and Percussion (or PDP for short) is a division company under Drum Workshop established in the year 2000 to provide high-quality drum equipment to those unable to afford the higher prestige and quality Drum Workshop equipment. Pacific Drums and Percussion also manufactures drum hardware and accessories. Their factory is located in Oxnard, California. The line still uses some custom techniques, but primarily uses computerized machinery to cut costs and reduce steps to create high-quality drums in large quantities.


PDP Classic Wood Hoop Snare Drum Features:

  • all-Maple shell
  • 7x14
  • all-Maple Wood Hoops
  • MAG throw-off
  • Dual-turret lugs
  • Copper snare wires