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DrumDial Precision Drum Tuner  From Ahead Products

With the Drumdial Drum Tuner, timpani, snare drums, rack toms, and bass drums are all easily tuned without even hitting the drumhead. DrumDial measures tympanic pressure, not tension-rod torque. As a drummer you'll appreciate how easily and accurately you can tune your drums with the Drumdial Drum Tuner.

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Retail:  $99.99

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What We Think

An essential for any drummer, the DrumDial drum tuner gets your drums tuned quickly every time. This tuner is great in loud environments because it measures tympanic pressure, so you get a far more accurate tuning than you would with a typical torque-based tuner, all without even hitting the head. And the DrumDial works great for tuning any drum head whether it's a snare, djembe, timpani - it even works on your banjo! Take the second guessing out of the equation and start hearing great drums today.

Manufacturer's Description from Ahead Products

This has a heavy weight base with superior accuracy. Drum tuning made easy! DrumDial quickly and precisely tunes all drums by accurately measuring drumhead tension NOT tension rod torque. Snare drums, rack toms, bass drums and even timpani are all easily tuned without
even hitting the drum head. Drum Dial does this by measuring Timpanic Pressure
- not tension rod torque. All drum users will appreciate the ability to accurately
tune their drums, again and again, especially in loud environments.

Ahead Products

About Manufacturer

Since 1992, the mission at AHEAD has been to listen to drummers and percussionists first and foremost and to develop and bring to market new and innovative products for all drummers, beginners to touring professionals.

From drumsticks and hardware, to cases and hearing protection, the focus is twofold. First, they pursue innovative excellence in creating products that go beyond traditional design. Second, they provide superior levels of excellence in customer service that reflects a belief that a satisfied customer is our greatest asset. Their products are engineered to last and excel beyond expectations. 


DrumDial Drum Tuner Features:

  • Precision mechanism measures tympanic pressure for repeatable, accurate tuning
  • Large Edge Gage is easy to read
  • Locking bezel with moveable locators for easy marking of your tuning range
  • Lug back improves handling
  • Foam lined box protects the tuner during transport