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Lowden S-25c Cedar/Rosewood Acoustic #22044  From Lowden

Full-bodied response from this small body Lowden with cutaway!


Our product photos are the actual, specific serial number for sale!

This specific item was photographed by us here in Durham, North Carolina. We are a very small team dedicated to providing you the most accurate photos possible, through our obsessive focus - individually photographing nearly everything that comes through the door. Questions about what you see? Want more information, photos, or just a friendly conversation with someone that cares and who has actually had their hands on this exact item? Contact us now!
Lowden Guitars

Available for Special Order

See something you like? This item is gone, but not forever. It can be special ordered, and even customized!

We can get it fast!

Because of our special relationship with Lowden we can get this as fast, or faster than anyone in the industry. In some cases, we even have preferred build slots we can offer you.

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What We Think

The small body on this classic from George Lowden fits the tonality native to the Cedar/Rosewood combination like a custom tailored suit.  All of those lyrical overtones and that rich, lush voice couldn't benefit more from the natural compression and balance you get with this concert size.  With this S-25C in hand, the level of control, liveliness, and sheer freedom under your fingertips would make any guitarist smile!

Lowden S-25c Cedar/Rosewood Acoustic—Quick 'N' Dirty

In this video, Sound Pure guitar specialist Michael Buckley demos the Lowden S-25c Cedar/Rosewood Acoustic #22044, a small-body guitar but with a lush voice.

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    • Lowden S-25c Cedar/Rosewood Acoustic #22044

Manufacturer's Description from Lowden

The Original Series was the very first Lowden range from 1976, just as the ‘O’ model is George’s original Lowden body design. Although the medium sized ‘F’ and concert sized ‘S’ have been added to the range since then, the Lowden standard of passionate commitment to no compromise was well and truly set.

The 25 was often thought of as THE Lowden. Nowadays with many more new models it is not possible to say which would be THE Lowden, but the 25 has character in bags. It is rich, full-bodied, warm and powerful.

Lowden Guitars

About Manufacturer

Handmade flattop acoustic guitars by renowned luthier George Lowden.


Serial Number: 22044

Model: S-25c

Back & Sides: Indian Rosewood

Soundboard: Red Cedar

Neck: 5 Piece Mahogany/Indian Rosewood

Bridge: Guatemalan Rosewood

Bindings: Maple

Purflings: Indian Rosewood

Headfacing: Indian Rosewood

Nut Width: 1 3/4"

Scale Length: 24 51/64"

Tuners: Gotoh SG381 gold with Ebony buttons

Hardshell Case