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Little Walter 50 Watt Tweed Amplifier Head  From Little Walter

The clean tone that made Little Walter famous!

Little Walter Tube Amps

What We Think

Want to hear what your guitar really sounds like? If you've never played through a Little Walter 50 watt head you may not actually know! This amp produces sounds as unique and nuanced as the finest boutique instruments--but this thing is no museum piece. It belongs on a stage! Honestly this is some of the most natural sounding clean tone you will ever hear in an amplifier, and the breakup is absolutely phenomenal. There is plenty of headroom for louder performances, but even at the lowest volume possible you have sparkly, warm tone and a suprisingly responsive feel. I've never played anything quite like it. To top it all off, these amps are handwired point-to-point by Little Walter owner Phil Bradbury to be clean and reliable--a fact that is well-known by endorsees like Vince Gill, Brent Mason, Reggie Young, and Travis Toy who test their roadworthiness on a regular basis. Join the ranks of some of the world's best  and find out what Little Walter is all about!


Manufacturer's Description from Little Walter

Our 50 watt chassis is our most popular amp. Hand built, point-to-point construction that use Hammond Transformers,  top quality signal capacitors, and octal pre-amp tubes.  This amp has the clean tone that made Little Walter Tube Amps famous.   This amp is a class AB, cathode biased amp  that uses 6L6 power tubes with a direct out jack that can be ported to a board or P.A. system.  Options for this amp include an effects loop and a switch to change from 50 watts to 25 watts.

Little Walter Tube Amps

About Manufacturer

All the Little Walter Tube Amps use Octal Pre-amp tubes and are hand wired with no circuit, tag, or turret boards.  I believe the shortest signal path equates to the purest possible tone. These amps are all cathode biased and voiced to allow more low frequency tone to pass through the pre-amp. All my amps also have a direct line out that can be connected to your house PA or recording console.  These amps can be ordered with Tweed, Lacquered Tweed, Tolex, or Cherry, Maple, or Walnut hardwood (hardwood based on availability of wood).  I personally build these amps one at a time right here in North Carolina.


Electrical Requirements: 110/120 Volts AC (60 cycle)

Preamp Tube: 6SC7

Phase Inverter Tube: 6SL7

Power Tubes: 6L6GT

Rectifier Tube: 5U4

Power Transformer: Hammond: P-T290BX (600 volt/100ma)

Output Transformer: Hammond: P-TF22871 (4000 ohm Primary)

Fliter Capacitors: 1-30uf @ 450v, 2-20uf @ 450v

Input 1/Input 2: Normal Input

Controls: Volume for both inputs/Tone for both inputs

Output: 50 watts @ 4 ohms

Speaker Out, Line Out (extra speaker out jack)

Cabinet: 16" Lacquered Tweet dove tail joined cabinet

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