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Heritage Audio OST-6 v2.0 Six-Slot 500-Series Rack  From Heritage

A six-slot 500-series chassis in a compact square box format featuring Heritage Audio's proprietary "ON SLOT" Technology (OTS).

Heritage Audio


Price:  $599.00

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Manufacturer's Description from Heritage

With the popularity of 500 Series modules showing no signs of waning, it makes more sense than ever for both professional and home studios alike to have plenty of slots available to house their growing collection of new and old 500 Series toys.

While a 500 Series enclosure may not seem like the most exciting thing in the studio, you’ve got to have them. It only makes sense to get one that is durable, not overpriced, compatible with any 500 Series module you may have, and most importantly, one that will bring out the cleanest and very best performance in your gear. With the OST-6 V2.0, you have a perfect solution for housing 500 Series modules in an enclosure which brings out the best of their sonic potential, in a portable, rugged enclosure that won’t break the bank.

Safer, cleaner, more compatible! Many experienced engineers are aware of certain ‘power hungry’ class A or vacuum tube based modules which could cause banks of 500 Series modules to ‘brown out’ or not function, or that simply would not work in some standard enclosures. The OST-6 V2.0, offers the widest range of compatibility with all 500 Series modules, ensuring both that ‘demanding’ modules receive the power they need, and that adjacent modules remain unaffected. Your 500 Series modules have simply never had it so good!


Q: What is On Slot Technology?

On Slot Technology is how Heritage Audio’s 500 Series OST enclosure power handling is designed. Most common enclosures of this type wire each channel more or less in parallel to a shared power supply. In this type of design, one module can have an effect on another by drawing too much current from the power supply, or causing interference to the power supply.

OST enclosures have individual power supplies, separate regulation, filtering, and protection for each channel slot, minimizing the interaction of separate modules. It ensures that not only do the most demanding 500 Series devices get the power they require, but also that they do not affect adjacent modules negatively. In an OST enclosure, many 500 Series devices achieve a higher performance in terms of self noise and crosstalk, specially mic preamps.


Q: What is new on the OST- 6 V2.0?

The new Link feature allows each push of a button (via rear panel), with channel to be linked to the next at the no patch cables required!


Q: Where is the OST-6 V2.0 manufactured?

The OST-6V2.0 is designed and entirely built in Madrid, Spain, at the Heritage Audio headquarters and by the Heritage Audio team.



- On Slot Technology means each channel is independently regulated, filtered, and protected.

- Cleanest, lowest noise operation, widest range of compatibility with existing Rugged, heavy gauge steel and aluminum body, durable and built to last.

- The OST-6 V 2.0 is Heritage Audio´s most affordable, most portable 500 Series enclosure.

- New Link feature allows each channel to be linked to the next at the push of a button, no patch cables required.

- All fully handmade at the Heritage Audio headquarters in Madrid, Spain_not in China!

- 400mA available per slot, or 700ma total-whichever is reached first

Heritage Audio

About Manufacturer

Heritage Audio is one of the few premier manufacturers of Neve preamp and compressor clones. With their established team of veteran designers, they claim to offer the most historically accurate clones of the fabled Neve units.